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Sangla Travel Guide

Verdant forests of pine trees, majestic Himalayan mountains, vibrant orchards of apples and apricots and exquisitely built low lying houses welcome you to the picturesque abode of Sangla in the Baspa Valley also known as Sangla Valley, located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Filled with quietude and solace, this scenic town is everything a nature lover has ever dreamed of.

An Insight into Sangla Tourism

Sangla literally translates to 'Pass of Light' in the Tibetan language. Carrying a rich Tibetan influence, this scenic town delights tourists with its mesmerizing Himalayan Mountains, thick oak and pine forests, majestic glacier streams and the pristine Baspa River flowing through the valley.

Sangla is inarguably a destination for nature lovers who can relish the tranquility and pristine environment of this offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh. One of the top sightseeing spots in Sangla is the Kamru Fort. Dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kamakshi, this fort converted into a temple is an architectural marvel and an artistic delight. The deity Kamakshi is positioned on the third floor of the temple. Another popular temple of Sangla is the Bering Nag Temple. Dedicated to the Lord Jagas, the Bering Nag Temple is a popular tourist attraction and a place of great religious significance. Sangla gives one the opportunity to spend some time on the banks of the Baspa River and be enthralled and charmed by the ferocity of its sparkling waters. The Baspa River is a popular tourist spot with its various fishing and camping activities.

One of the most important apples growing regions of Himachal Pradesh, the hilly town of Sangla boasts a number of beautiful and sprawling Apple and Apricot orchards. Feast on the red juicy apples of this region and experience the delicious explosion of their rich flavours.

This small town also offers a chance to visit the local huts, situated in the lush meadows of Sangla that are set against the backdrop of the spectacular Kinnaur Kailash Mountain Ranges. One can experience the local customs, traditions and lifestyle of the Tibetan and Hindu people in this region of Himachal Pradesh. For those who want to bring back the memories of the place in the form of a souvenir, there is a Tibetan Wood Carving center in Sangla, which is a hub for exquisitely designed hand-carved items. Travel to the nearby shopping paradise of Batseri (a village 5 km away from Sangla) and shop for the famous and beautifully designed Kinnauri caps and handmade shawls. Sangla also renders the opportunity to dine at the numerous restaurants and cafes serving authentic and lip-smacking Tibetan dishes like thukpa and momos and the simple dal, chawal, sabzi and roti.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Sangla

Situated in the apple rich Kinnaur district and nestled in the green Himalayan mountains, the tiny town of Sangla offers some beautiful temples, a handicraft market, and several scenic locales to see. This nature lover’s dream destination is also the hub for many trekkers.

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Best Hotels and Resorts for Holidaying in Sangla

An offbeat travel destination in Himachal Pradesh, Sangla caters to the need of nature and culture lovers with its decent accommodation options ranging from homestays to camps and some budget hotels. There is only one luxury property in the proximity to Sangla town and some cost-efficient hotels in Rakchham, Batseri, and Chitkul.

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