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Naldehra Travel Guide

The hill station of Naldehra welcomes with its breathtaking panorama and marvelous golf course those who would love to spend time amidst this pristine tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Indeed, a nature lover's delight, this blissful place is adorned with misty clouds, cedar forest, and green rolling mountains. There is no way, you can miss Naldehra, a tiny town near Shimla if you are looking for an exceptional holiday in Himachal.

An Insight into Naldehra Tourism

Nestled amidst the lofty Himalayan Mountains and fringed by the verdant forests of cedar and deodar, Naldehra is a stunning hill station and one of the best travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh. With its beautiful golf course, green rolling Himalayan Mountains and sparkling Sutlej River meandering through the valley, Naldehra resembles a painting on a canvas. This tiny pristine destination derives its name from the words, Nag and Dehra which when combined literally translates to 'The Abode of the King of Snakes'.

Naldehra was discovered by the erstwhile British Viceroy Lord Curzan. He was so impressed and mesmerized by the charm of the place that he decided to build a massive golf course here. Today, the 18-hole Naldehra golf course is one of the finest and most renowned golf courses in India and a popular tourist attraction. Either take a long and leisurely stroll through the nearby forests or organize a picnic here with your loved ones, you will surely surrender your senses to the soothing sounds of nature. One can also explore the luxuriant forests on the horseback, just like the kings of the past. A unique experience offered here, these horse rides will take you to the distant forest areas and mesmerize you with some spectacular vistas. Naldehra is also home to many sacred Hindu temples that add to the charm of this beautiful place.

Lying on an elevation of 1830 meters, the Mahunag Temple, located in the middle of the Naldehra Golf Course, is a popular sightseeing spot and an important religious site for Hindus. Dedicated to Karna, also known as Mahunag, this marvelous structure is famous for its 'pahari' style of architecture. The Mahakali Temple is also a site of great religious significance for the Hindus. Dedicated to the Goddess Maha Kali, this enchanting temple lies on the banks of the Mahakali River. The pristine environment of the surrounding hills and valleys add to the holiness of this place.

The beauty of Naldehra can be best witnessed from the Shaily Peak, which can easily become a photographer’s delight. Boasting gorgeous views and expansive landscape, the Shaily Peak also allures adventurists with a challenging and nerve-racking trek. A famous and a must-visit tourist destination near Naldehra is the beautiful village of Mashobra. Enveloped in thick woods of oak and pine trees and boasting a soothing climate, the Mashobra Village delights tourists with its immense tranquility. Situated at a distance of 18 km from Naldehra, another picturesque village, Chabba with its adrenaline inducing river rafting course on the Sutlej River is an adventurer’s delight. Tattapani, located at a distance of 30 km away, is yet another tourist spot near Naldehra which is famous for its hot sulphur springs.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Naldehra

A paradisiacal site for nature lovers, honeymooners and family vacationers alike, the magical site of Naldehra delights tourists with a plethora of charming tourist attractions, adventure activities and unadulterated scenic charm.

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Best Hotels and Resorts for Holidaying in Naldehra

With its Himachal Pradesh Tourism log huts, jungle hotels, budget hotels and guest houses, Naldehra boasts a decent arrangement of accommodation catering to the need of tourists. However, for more variety of places to stay, tourists can always choose booking their hotel in Shimla.

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