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Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

A land famous for its pristine beauty, Himachal Pradesh would leave the traveller spoilt for choices when coming up with a must-visit list in the state. However, the beautiful lakes of Himachal Pradesh are certainly worthy of note. Fringed by the lofty hills, the dazzling turquoise water of the lakes is covered with lush green meadows.

Lakes of Himachal Pradesh are glossy, reflective, shimmering, and even dotted with flowers on the shoreline. Most of the lakes are nestled at high elevations and provides picturesque views of Himalayan Mountains; however, the rest are man-made reservoirs and basins which are flanked by nature. Altogether there are more than 25 lakes and reservoirs in Himachal. Most of the lakes in Himachal Pradesh are filled to the brim during the months of summer.

Stretching above the horizon, Renuka is the largest basin of the Himachal Pradesh. The lake is spread over an area of 2.5 km and looks like the profile of a woman. If a tourist wants to embark on a journey to some distant and quieter location, then Dash Air and Dhankar Lake, Khajjiar lake, Kareri lake, and Dal lake are places where they should head to for the next vacation. They are some of the most famous sites in Himalayan Rockies.

Himachal is considered to be the abode of many sagas and gods. An ideal destination for spiritual travelling in India, the lakes of Himachal will take devotees on a religious tour, passing through some of the scenic trails of the Himalaya. If the voyagers want to know about Indian mythology then there are many lakes in which they can take a holy dip- Manimahesh Lake, Nako lake, Parashar Lake, Renuka Lake and Rewalsar Lake. Amongst these, Manimahesh Lake is considered as sacred by the Hindus while the Rewalsar Lake is associated with the great Buddhist teacher Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche). Every year processions, fairs and festivals takes place on the shoreline of these lakes.


Many cosmic lakes of Himachal Pradesh present thrilling opportunities for heli-skiing, biking, angling, trekking, kayaking, motor boating, sailing or water rafting for expedition fanatics. Gobind Sagar lake and Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake are huge reservoirs which offer many water sports activities like kayaking, motor boating, sailing, water rafting and even fishing. Moreover the Chandertal Lake and Brighu Lake are some of the popular destination for trekking, rock climbing and cycling.

Amidst the gigantic mountains of the Himalaya stands lake beds filled with placid and sparkling water. With such fairy tale attractions, it's unsurprising that Himachal Pradesh is India's most popular attraction. Travel to Himachal Pradesh to find a world far detached from the confines of the mundane.

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