Dei Ka Mandir Paonta Sahib, Himachal

Dei-Ka-Mandir, Paonta Sahib

Situated on the right side of the Yamuna Bridge, the Dei-Ka-Mandir is one of the most popular religious destinations in Paonta Sahib that attracts large number of people every day. It is not very far from the madding city crowd and can be easily accessed through a car or a bus. The centuries old temple was built as an act of atonement for Lord Rama by Raja Sirmaur's sister and was under the rulers Simaur and Paonta Sahib for many years. Lord Rama was the family deity of Suryawanshi Siramaur rulers and so, the temple is considered as one of the most spiritual destinations in Paonta Sahib.

History It is believed that Raja Sirmauri Tal could not do much for his kingdom, which was eventually destroyed by the curse of a dancer. The story unfolds that the Raja gave a promise to his court dancer to give half of his kingdom if she could cross the Yamuna River on a narrow rope. The dancer was able to cross the river on a rope and the Raja had to give half of his wealth to the dancer. The Raja Sirmauri Tal again promised to give the whole kingdom if she would come back the same way, however, he cut the rope while the dancer was mid way and she died in the river. Her curse to the city brought devastation and floods and eventually the city was destroyed.

Later the temple was made to bring prosperity in the city and so, it holds an important place in the life of people of Paonta Sahib. You can visit this beautiful destination at any time of the year and seek blessings of Lord Rama.