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Wildlife in Himachal Pradesh

Quick Facts Related to wildlife in Himachal (as per Himachal Pradesh Forest Department official website)
No Of National Parks 2
No Of Wildlife Sanctuaries 33
Recorded Species Of Mammals 77
Recorded Species Of Birds 463
Recorded Species Of Reptiles 44
Recorded Species Of Aquatic Fauna 436
Recorded Species Of Fishes 80
Area Covered By Reserved Forest 1896 sq.kms.
Area Covered By Protected Forest 43043 sq.kms.
  • In June, 2014, the great Himalayan National park was added to the UNESCO world heritage sites list under the category of "exceptional natural beauty and conservation of biological diversity".
  • Wildlife trekking in Himachal: Kalatop-Khajjiar Sanctuary, Majathal Sanctuary, Daranghati Sanctuary and Pin Valley National Park
  • Wildlife Camping in Himachal: Chail Sanctuary, Kalatop-Khajjiar Sanctuary, Maharana Pratap Sagar Sanctuary and Simbalbara Sanctuary.
  • Wildlife Safaris in Himachal Pradesh: Great Himalayan National Park, Renuka Sanctuary, Shri Nainadevi Sanctuary and Pin Valley National Park.

Want to catch glimpses of India's wild side? Then the jungles of Himachal Pradesh are the place to be at. The forest of Himachal Pradesh offers the most wonderful experience of a lifetime which is simply exhilarating. Witness the untamed and ferocious side of bad tempered animals from great Himalaya in their natural habitat. The national parks of Himachal Pradesh are rightly famous amongst wildlife aficionados worldwide.

There is no better way to rejuvenate and relax than to visit some of the natural wonders of Himachal Pradesh. Thanks to Himachal Pradesh's varied geography and sparse human population, its national parks offers some of India's best places to observe wildlife. Nature summoned all the colors of its vast palette and applied them in exquisite, liberal detail to the Great Himalayan National Park and Pin Valley National Park, the two major national parks of Himachal Pradesh.

The best way to explore the rowdiness and spontaneity of Himachal Pradesh is by trekking through the arduous and spectacular terrains of these national parks. The high-altitude national parks of Himachal Pradesh tickle the adrenaline of wildlife enthusiasts, trekkers and hikers.

National Parks in Himachal Pradesh

National Parks in Himachal PradeshThe Great Himalayan National Park is crammed with lush forests of oak, conifer and bamboo, alpine meadows, and endangered animals and birds. The national park in Himachal Pradesh covers an area of 1,171 sq. kms. The Great Himalayan National Park is home to animals like musk deer, brown bear, Goral, thar, leopard, snow leopard, bharal, serow, monal, Kali, koklas, cheer, tragopan, snow cock etc. The Sainj Valley trek, Rupi Bhabha Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sainj-Tirthan valley trek to Parvati River Valley are the best modes to explore the national park. Apart from conserving wildlife, the Park runs programmes that provide a sustainable living for people living on the periphery of the conservation area.

Moreover the Pin Valley National Park is located within the cold biosphere reserves and is one of the high altitude national parks in India that covers an area of 1,150 sq. kms. as buffer zone and 675 sq. kms. as core zone. The park is home to many animals and birds from like Snow Leopard, Siberian Ibex, Himalayan Snowcock, Chukar Partridge, Snow Partridge, Red Fox and Snowfinch Flourish. There are 22 rare and endangered medicinal plant species in Pin Valley National Park. Himachal Pradesh tourism provides some wonderful eco-tourist facilities and trained guides to tourist for safe excursion.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh

Discover the wild side of Himachal at one of these mountainous wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh. In order to experience the rich wildlife of Himachal Pradesh, a wildlife enthusiast should visit one of the 33 wildlife sanctuaries located here. The wildlife centuries of Himachal Pradesh are the natural habitat of some rare animal and bird species.

In order to experience the rich wildlife, the tourist can turn to Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Renuka Sanctuary, Simbalbara Sanctuary, Daranghati Sanctuary, Manali Sanctuary, and Majathal Sanctuary. Further, some of the mammals that can be spotted are the Himalayan Black Marten, Deer, Goral, Squirrel, Serow, Jackal, Langur, etc. Tourist can also indulge in bird watching at Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir, Renuka Lake, Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary and Khajjiar Lake.

Nature Parks in Himachal Pradesh

Apart from the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, there are many nature parks in Himachal Pradesh. Here Himalayan animal species are kept in paddocks, quite close to nature. Some of the famous nature parks in Himachal Pradesh are located in Kufri, Manali, and Gopalpur In these national parks, wildlife enthusiasts can get a sight of Musk Deer, Bharal, Black Bear, Tibetan Wolf, Leopard Cat, Sambhar, Ghoral, Barking Deer, Monal, White Crested Kaleej and Cheer pheasant.

If you are among those enthusiastic lovers of the wild creatures, a visit to Himachal Pradesh's National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries will be most beneficial. The parks of Himachal provide a refuge to a host of animals, from big cats like lions, tigers and leopards, reptiles like rhinos, pythons and crocodiles, to innumerable deer species. Plan a tour to Himachal Pradesh, and peek into the natural habitat of animals.

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