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Mandi Travel Guide

Often called the ‘Varanasi of Hills’, Mandi is a picturesque hill retreat nestled on the banks of River Beas in Himachal. Spellbinding scenery, spiritual vibes and a fresh breath of air, is what that makes this little town one of the most sought after destinations for honeymoon couples and pilgrims. Adorned with some rugged terrains that hide in their store, an amazing wildlife, and trails to explore, the place is undoubtedly a wildlife and adventure lover’s paradise. That is not all, this tourist place in Himachal Pradesh is ideal for cultural exploration and uncovering hidden cultural treasures and unveiling its fascinating past.

An Insight into Mandi Tourism

Nestled amidst the lofty mountains of the Himalayas and bestowed with a spellbinding scenery, Mandi is one of the most famous hill destinations of Himachal. The town gets its name from the legendary Sage Mandav who is believed to have meditated here in Vedic times. Several prehistoric temples and shrines pepper through this quaint little paradise that provide for a blissful time to a swarm of religious travellers. While on a religious trip here, do visit the famous and sacred shrines of Panchvaktra Temple, Ardhanarisvara Temple and Bhootnath Temple that not only sit as the town’s most popular religious sites, but also as splendid architectural marvels. Ornamented with intricate carvings and an incredible work of art, they are indeed an art lover's delight and leave them awed with their magnificent splendour.

On a quest to appease your thirst for some adventure? Mandi offers ample scope to test your physical and mental endurance; while paragliding, rock climbing and river rafting are popular adventure sports in and around the region, trekking is something that provides for an enthralling experience for the lifetime; the famous Prashar Lake Trek that begins here takes the thrill seekers through rugged trails, flowering meadows, sparkling rivulets and stunning apple orchards, giving an opportunity to feel the nature at its rustic best. In case, embarking on this captivating trek, do not miss paying your reverence in the holy Temple of Rishi Prashar that sits just next to the lake and provides for a sight to behold embellished with a stunning Himachali architecture blending amazingly well with the verdant beauty around. Not to forget, if you are in Mandi, do try your hands playing the popular local sport of ‘Bandy’ that interests several of the sporty travellers and leaves them with an opportunity to get a sneak-peek into native Himachali culture and lifestyle.

Dotted with an unparalleled scenic splendour, lonely landscapes and tranquil vibes, Mandi also serves an empyrean for love struck couples, nature lovers and solitude seekers alike. On your trip here, do plan an expedition to the famous Rewalsar Lake that sits as the most popular scenic attractions a short distance away from the town. Steeped in sheer wilderness with an awe-inspiring scenery around, it not only makes a perfect hideout for travellers seeking close rendezvous with nature but, also a photographer's delight, simply leaving them mystified with an unseen magic to behold and admire. Your quest with nature in Mandi is absolutely incomplete without visiting the lovely Sunken Garden, a sprawling piece of land ornamented with green pastures and vibrant blooming flowers at a short distance away from the town. A great picnic spot and indeed a must visit place when travelling with kids, family and friends on a holiday here.

Needless to say, Mandi is a hill retreat that will always surprise you with its exotic wildlife; whether a nature enthusiast, a wildlife photographer or an avid bird watcher, you are sure to be treated with one of the most spellbinding wildlife spectacles of your life. Not to mention, the famous 'Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary' sits as Mandi’s greatest wildlife attraction, offering a close engagement with its proud residents like Monals, Pheasants, Barking Bear, Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Palm Civet and Leopards that often leave the visitors astounded with their sudden appearance and sight. The sacred Shikari Devi Temple en-route to the sanctuary is a site of much religious significance and a place must visit when on an expedition here. Last but not the least, Mandi is a true shopaholic's delight. The town is known for its excellent local handicrafts, woollens and exotic silver jewellery crafted to perfection. So, when in this pristine little town, don’t leave before grabbing something for yourself and family back home to treasure for life.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Mandi

Sitting as one of the most idyllic holiday destinations in lap of Himachal, Mandi is a hill retreat blessed with a unique blend of rustic landscapes, cultural extravaganza and culinary delight. The town is indeed a traveller's paradise hiding in its store, an array of activities and religious sites that leave them with an unforgettable holiday experience to cherish for life.

Popular Tour Packages for Mandi

Packed with a perfect blend of ingredients, Mandi is just the place to chalk out as your next holiday destination. Plan your trip here with our exclusive range of Mandi holiday packages that have been designed to perfection keeping every traveller’s interests and budget in mind.

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