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How To Reach Darrang

Darrang has a number of tourist attractions, and therefore, a lot of people visit the district. In order to reach Darrang, one has to reach Guwahati first. There is no railway connectivity with the district of Darrang, but the road communication is quite advance. Also there is water transport as the district is near the Bramhaputra River.

By Air:

The nearest airport from the district of Darrang is Barrjhar near Guwahati. Another airport which is nearby is located at Azara, is also close to Guwahati.

By Rail:

Public buses are available at regular interval which can take you from Guwahati to Mangaldai. An important highway which passes through this district is the NH52.

By Road:

In addition to the road transport, the district is also reachable through water transport. From Guwahati, steamer service is available on a regular basis to Upper Kuruwa, which the tourists can avail.

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