Tourist Attractions in Ziro Valley

Blessed with an unmatched scenic grandeur and hiding in its store, a number of enticing trekking trails, Ziro makes for a perfect destination for trekkers and hikers satiate their adventurous desires; ‘Dolo Mando’ situated atop a hill near the valley is a must visit hiking destination and offers breath-taking vistas of old Ziro town fringed with verdant forests and snow laden Himalayas.

In case one is looking for a camping experience in Ziro, the best thing to do here would be to set up a camp near the ‘Pange River’ basin. Immersed in deep tranquillity of melodious chirps of colourful birds and stringed with tall trees and wild flowers all around.

It would truly make as one of the best places to see and feel nature in its unpretentious form. Holidays in Ziro are absolutely considered incomplete without embarking on an interesting sightseeing tour in the city visiting its famous tourism places which include the 5000 years old ‘Meghna Cave Temple’, ‘Sidheshwar Nath Shiv Linga’, ‘Tarin Fish Farm’ and ‘Pine Grove’.

To satisfy the shopaholics, there are a couple of tribal markets to explore in the valley; Ziro’s bamboo & cane items and beautiful Apatani handlooms are some of the best in the region and make for a perfect buy.

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