Hapoli Arunachal Pradesh

Hapoli is the headquarter of Lower Subansiri District Administration that can captivate you with its stunning beauty. If you're mesmerized by the beauty of Hapoli then you can also stay at the circuit house that is right at the top of the hill and offers the stunning view of the city.

Getting There

Apart from trekking, there's no better way to reach Hapoli.

Thing to Do & See in and around

You can visit Tarin Fish Farm to see how the breeding of high altitude fishes is done. Also, you can see plantation of some rare orchids and other flowers like Rhododendron arboreum (SANJI APU), and Hedychium ellipticum (PAPPI APU) close to the park.

Best time to visit

Spring season, mainly February to April, as the weather is not too hot neither cold.

Hapoli in Ziro Valley

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