River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh is probably one of the most exciting adventure activities to indulge in the state. The famed Brahmaputra, Subansari, Lohit, and Siang rivers beckon adventure junkies from far and wide adding to the tourism potential of Arunachal. It is evident that Arunachal is an ideal destination for river rafting, not only because of the mighty rivers it is home of but also the stunning beauty that the state possesses. On both side of the rivers one can witness lush forests, stunning landscape and even beautiful tribal settlements.

The mighty and whimsical Brahmaputra River is inarguably the best for rafting in Arunachal. The adventure activity of rafting begins from Dibrugarh and then crosses the Pasighat plains; thick rainforests; and some remote places where tribals inhabit. The stretch from Tuting to the Pasighat plains is 108 km and it offers an exhilarating river rafting experience in India. The rafters have to face mighty rapids like Big drops, Riffles, Roaring Rikor, Zebra Rock, Cherring, and Toothfairy, and Karko.

River Subansari equally challenges the adventure junkies. It is said that the river is powerful enough to displace a forest. It runs via thick jungles and tribal hamlets in Arunachal Pradesh and has grade 3 and above rapids. There is a 150 km stretch with very little connection with the road, making the experience even more exciting. For Subansari River, the main rafting destinations are Sippi, Taliha Camp, and Daporijo.The meandering River Siang also offers a good opportunity for rafting in Arunachal Pradesh.

River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

Originating from Tibet and running down the foothills of the Himalayas, River Siang has rapids of Grade III and IV such as Initiation and Good Morning. Siang passes through local villages, tea plantation and even gushing waterfalls, making the adventure of rafting quite exciting for the rafters. Another splendid experience of rafting can be attained in Lohit River, which lets adrenaline junkies have some fun on grade 4 and 5 rapids. This river also passes through some of the remotest places in the state, some of the rafting points here are Peliang, Samdul, and Walong.

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