Fishing and Angling in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with many river tributaries making it an ideal destination for angling and fishing. This is an enjoyable sport loved by many and it offers you a great chance to get sunk in by the beauty of the nature. With an abundance of water and simplicity of the sport, fishing and angling has helped grow tourism in Arunachal Pradesh. This rather unexplored destination makes a fresh outcome for angling and fishing tours to tourists. Since it is hardly crowded with avid anglers, the major fishing and angling destinations are less crowded in Arunachal Pradesh. Besides, there are several areas for angling lovers but the four popular places for fishing and angling are:

The best season for these leisure activities are during October to April, after the Monsoon season. As these rivers are untouched and pure, there is more oxygen in these waters making the rivers translucent. Thus, it makes the activity more fun with high chances for a good catch. The main fishes you will find in these rivers are golden Mahseer and Brown Trout. Angling in Arunachal is very peaceful and it offers a magnificent opportunity to witness the beautiful golden Mahseer (The Queen of the Himalayan Rivers). However, apart from regular Inner Line Permits (ILP) for Indian tourists and Protected Area Permits (PAP) for foreign tourists you are to get permits for fishing and angling in Arunachal Pradesh as well.

Fishing and Angling in Arunachal

This is done so that the fishing stocks can be monitored. You can collect the permits from the designated offices in Arunachal before venturing into the angling and fishing venues.

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