Tourist Attractions in Pasighat

Blessed with bounty of nature and hiding in its store a plenty of scenic trails, one of the best things to do when in this little town, is to embark on a hiking journey uncovering its serene treasures or simply venture out on a nature walk soaking in quietude and stillness of the place.

While definitely, nature’s serene bounty is the major draw for tourists here, the tiny hill town’s tribal heritage is also something which is unprecedented and that lures innumerable cultural freaks and avid anthropologists from far and wide wishing to get a sneak-peek into its awe-inspiring cultural extravaganza. Pasighat also has in its store, a plenty for wildlife enthusiasts, bird lovers and nature photographers;

A typical sightseeing tour in Pasighat takes the visitors through some of its interesting sites like ‘Mirbuk Baptist Church’, ‘Donyi-Polo Temple’ and ‘Ranaghat Bridge’.

For those intrigued with an idea of an adrenaline pumping adventure, there are a plenty of activities to indulge into; ‘Siong River’ flowing by the hamlet makes for an ideal spot to plunge into its eclectic rapids and experience the fun of white water rafting. ‘Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary’ is yet another must visit destination and which provides for a hair-raising time to all the passionate wildlife adventure enthusiasts.

In case one is in Pasighat just to relax and unwind, must take a boat tour to ‘Pangin’, one of the best scenic places to visit in the town, blessed with a celestial scenery of two pristine rivers, Siong and Siyom embracing each other with warmth and providing for a captivating spectacle to all the onlookers.

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