Hanging Bridge Arunachal Pradesh

Made of ropes, and bamboos, a walk over the Along's hanging bridge promises to enthrall and mesmerize at the same time. 60-70 m in length, the rope offer easy connectivity for the tribal people to reach the hilly areas of the region. Make a point to look down the river to see the stunning contrast of colorful fishes hopping up and down the river. The place is good to go for activities like fishing and angling.

Getting There

Hanging bridge is located in the hilly ranges of the town. To reach Hanging Bridge, you can get car and buses from different corners of the city. The best idea will be to hire a taxi or travel by your personal transport as through this you will have sufficient time at your disposal to explore nearby places.

Things to Do & See in and around

With a good population of fishes down in the river stream over which the bridge is made, the place is good to go for fishing and angling.

Best Time to Visit

Throughout the year

Hanging Bridge

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