Bhalukpong Fort Arunachal Pradesh

Bhalukpong Fort was the seat of King Bhalukpa and is said to have built before the 10th century. It is said to be associated with mighty Salasthambhas who ruled the area from the middle of the seventh century. Later, it was ruled by the Palas of Assam during 10th to 12th century CE. Though the fort lies in ruins, one can see a few brick structures and remnants of ring wells even today.

Getting There

Cab should be hired to visit this historic place in Bhalukpong.

Things to Do & See in and around

Apart from witnessing the ruins of the fort, one can plan a visit to Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaziranga National Park, Tipi, and Bomdila.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and April are ideal to visit Bhalukpong. The weather remains appropriate to head outside during the day time.


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