Best Time to Visit Bhalukpong

Monsoon and winter will be the best time to plan a holiday to Bhalukpong. See below for detailed climate segregation

Summer (6°C- 31°C): April to June

Summer in Bhalukpong is hot with temperature around 31°C and minimum as 6°C. Summer starts from April and lasts until June. In the daytime, the weather gets way too hot while the nights are comparatively cool. For all those on a budget holiday, summers can be a good time to plan a tour as it's an offseason, which means they can get discounts on travel packages.

Monsoon - 610 mm rainfall (2°C- 20°C)- July to September

Monsoon provides a sight of relief after the super hot monsoon season. It is also one of the best times to plan a visit to the Bhalukpong.

Winter ((-9)°C- 18°C)- October to March

With temperature as low as (-9)°C in some regions, winter is just the best time to plan a trip to Bhalukpong. With cool weather and breezy air, you will have enough time to take part in outdoor activities.


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