Humayun's Tomb Delhi

Tag : Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site

Built In : 1569

Year of Inscription : 1993

Reasons for Inscription : Following the criteria no (ii) and (iv) Humayun's Tomb was inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reason behind inscribing this wonderful construction relates with the fact that it exemplifies the formative stage of Mughal architecture. The tomb also represents the specimen of the double-domed elevation with kiosks on large scale. The Mughal style of garden tomb was first introduced in this tomb which used to include causeways and channels around it.

Category : Secular structure, burial

Timing : From 6 am to 6 pm

Closed on : Null

An insight into the Humayun's Tomb

After the death of Humayun, his eldest wife Bega Begam took initiative to build this tomb. In 1569, she employed Mirak Mirza Ghiyath, a Persian architect to build this wonderful monument. This red sandstone tomb is built ramidst a square garden divided into four main parterres known as charbagh. At the centre of this garden a shallow water-channel can be seen. There are two double-storeyed gateways on the west and south of the monument. The centre of the western wall is occupied by a baradari (pavilion) and a hammam( bathroom) is found at the centre of northern wall.

The mausoleum is set on a high, wide and terraced platform. Across the sides small arched cells add to its architectural importance. It is designed like an asymmetrical octagon with four long and four short sides. A 42.5m high double dome is designed with marble and edged by exclusively carved chhatris (pillared kiosks). The interior is a spacious chamber which is octagonal in shape and set with domed roof compartments. The chamber is again interconnected with galleries and corridors. The entire structure is built with red sand stone with white and black inlaid marble borders.

How to Get There

The best part about Humayun's Tomb that it is located in the periphery of Delhi city itself. So for the visitors in Delhi, Metro is the most convenient mode of transportation. Jor Bagh is the nearest metro station from where one can hire any private vehicle to reach at the tomb-site.



For the travelers outside Delhi IGI is the nearest airport to reach Humayun's tomb. Hire private cab to reach tomb premise.



There are quite a few railway stations to reach Humayun's Tomb. For that one needs to reach either New Delhi Railway Station or Nizamuddin Railway station. Pre-paid vans are available on hire from Railway Station.



Being the capital of the country Delhi is centrally connected to all major cities of the country. Get down at Kashmiri Gate ISBT or Anand Vihar ISBT and hire your convenient vehicle to reach.

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