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Museums in India

The fine collection of rich Indian past has its permanent settlements at various museums in the country. An exemplary and extraordinary league of archaeologists, historians, preservers and curators has contributed in reconciling modern India with its incredible past. Today spreading enormously through the length and breadth of the country, Museums in India are undoubtedly the mirror of rich Indian heritage.

Exhibiting an exhilarating collection of paintings, Buddhist art, Indian scripts, coins, wooden carvings, musical instruments, arms and armours along with massive war chariots, museums in India are a spectrum of gradually evolving nation. Each genre deciphers the success story of abolishment of evil traditions and stepping on the rung of development and initiatives.

Be it the shift of powers from one era to another or the inhuman invasions or wars in the country, the period of slavery or the novice Aryan settlement in the country, the residues from each generation has definitive knowledge and prerequisite inspiration to impart. The plethora of well-maintained museums adorned on the Indian landscape also offers a head rise on the global platform. The Indian Museum in Kolkata, which is also the largest museum in Asia, crowns the Indian peninsula. The fine art collection and the building history give this museum its unique identity. Similarly, the National Museum in Delhi which is known for preserving the vestiges from the Harappan era and ancient manuscripts adds yet another feather to the cap of India's glorious history preservation.