Rani ki Vav Gujarat

Tag : Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site

Built In : Between 1022 and 1063 AD.

Year of Inscription : 2014

Reasons for Inscription : Criteria number (1) and (4). This stepwell is a remarkable cultural edifice that represents the wonderful sculptural brilliance of the primordial-period.

Ran Ki Vav, or the Queen's Stepwell, is located in Patan town of Gujarat. It is an astonishing example of Royal Steep Well and was constructed between 1022 and 1063 AD. This beautiful edifice was re-discovered in the 1950s after spending many years in the wilderness. Thus, the flamboyant carvings here are wonderfully preserved. This place includes many inimitable traits that have made it one of the most significant stepwells in the country.

Category : Cultural Structure.

Timing : 8 AM to 6 PM

A Brief about Rani Ki Vav

Rani-ki-Vav at Patan is said to be erected by Queen Udayamati, who was the wife of King Bhimadeva I. This site is a fine example of flamboyant Solanki structural design. It is 64 m in length and 20 m in width. When Rani ki Vav was originally built, it had seven stories. Among them, only five are preserved at present. The depth of this arresting stepwell is 27 meters and it is oriented towards the east west direction. It has a corridor with long steps that tumble down to the tank underground.

This construction is embraced with four compartmental multi-storied pavilions that have circular pillars. The interiors of the well, pillared pavilions and the corridor walls are embroidered with excellent sculptures. In the past there were around 800 sculptures in Rani Ki Vav; however, only 400 of those sculptures survive today. These enticing sculptures incorporate gods, goddesses, apsaras and various other Hindu themes.

How to Get There



Ahmadabad is the nearest airport from Patan.



The nearest railhead is Patan Railway Station.



Patan is well-connected with major cities like Ahmedabad, Mahudi, Vadodara, Mehsana, and Unjha.

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