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Bhopal Tourism


Renowned as the Lake City for its several natural and artificial lakes, Bhopal is the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It's a beautiful place that greets every tourist with its richness of tradition, which is enlaced with the modern life. Situated on the place where the ancient town of Bhojapal was stood once. Discovered by Raja Bhoj, the city has two beautiful lakes that are located in the centre of the city. Known as one of the greenest cities in India, the city is beatified with forests, beautiful hills and awe-inspiring landscapes. It's a popular tourist destination that exhibits the real coherency of southern and northern charms. It exhales a foregone charm that has remained untainted till date. Its colourful bazaars and historical monuments elicit the blue-blooded stamp of the yesteryear.

Bhopal Tourism, Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal is an interesting tourist place in India which can captivate you with its exquisite mosques, old havelis crowded markets, etc., in the old Bhopal and large boulevards and modern buildings in the new city. This city is a tourist delight that has happily managed to retain its green and clean appearance. With an unparalleled attractions and historical places like Laxmi Narayan Temple, Taj-ul Masjid, Shaukat Mahal, Sadar Manzil, Moti Masjid, and Upper and Lower Lakes; Bhopal is considered to be one of the must visit destinations in the state. Also, it's a city of folk and tribal arts that give a village life feel in the state. Over and above, the city is also highlighted for cave paintings, which are worthful for their ethnicity and artistic values.

As per the history, Bhopal was founded by the King Bhoja of Paramara dynasty and was overhauled by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed Khan who was a subordinate of Mughals. In the year 1724, another Mughal nobleman Nizam ul Malik overran the city and ruled Bhopal city. Very soon during Anglo-Maratha war, the Nizams were inhibited by the British. Then in the year 1949, Bhopal city was reined by the Indian government and came under the control of Madhya Pradesh.

Interesting Facts of Bhopal

  • Bhopal – the lake city is the second biggest city and capital of Madhya Pradesh
  • The city is a beautiful combination of scenic beauty, modern urban planning and old historic city.
  • Bhopal is popular for the UNESCO World Heritage site called Bhimbetka, which is considered to be the former evidence of Stone Age rock paintings.
  • The city is also highlighted for silver jewelry, embroidered and gemmed velvet fashioned purses and cushions.
  • The city is a major economic, educational, industrial and political centre of Madhya Pradesh.

Things to Do and See in Bhopal

Bhoj Temple, Madhya Pradesh
  • You can visit to the 11th century Bhoj Temple that highlights the history of Raj Bhoj Empire. A river view that had a thousand years old dam by Bhoj is a delightful experience for the one who is seeking a natural view.
  •  If you haven't explored the jewel of Bhopal's Islamic heritage, then step into Taj ul Masjid – the crown of mosques which has a beautiful frontage, two towering white domed minarets and a large courtyard.
  • Visit Shaukat Mahal to catch the glimpse of European architectural styles.
  • If you want to travel more into history- then make an expedition to Bhimbetka, an archaeological treasure house which is located at south of Bhopal. It includes panoramic view, old paintings in over 500 caves highlighting the pre-historic cave dwellers lives. You can also enjoy the paintings that reflect the events of ancestors like hunting, dancing, horse and elephant riding, honey collection, etc.
  • The elegant Sadar Manzil- the hall of public audience of the former Nawabs of Bhopal, the Jama Masjid and the Moti Masjid in Bhopal are another major sanctified attractions in the city that flock a large number of tourists from all across the world.
  •  While you're on a sightseeing tour, you'll come across the prime location of Shamla and Idgah hills, where a very famous Habitat Museum is located with a splendid open air exhibition of modern, life-size and tribal dwellings from all over the country.
  • Other places to see in Bhopal are State Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Udaygiti Caves, Kerwa Dam, Lal Parade Ground, etc.
  •  If you're done with the sightseeing and looking for thrilling activities, enjoy boat riding at the Upper Lake where you can find a large fleet of boats like rowboats, paddle boats, sailboats and motorboats.

Where to Stay

There are huge variety of staying options to choose from- deluxe, standard and budget hotels. Few of them are clustered close to the railway station, which offer excellent facilities with comfortable rooms and modern amenities.

Some of the popular hotels to stay in Bhopal include:

  • Hotel Mayur
  • Jehan Numa Palace
  • Noor Us Sabah Palace
  • Hotel Palash Residency
  • Hotel Sonali Regency
  • Hotel Amer Palace
  • Hotel Surendra Vilas
  • Hotel Lake View Ashok
  • Hotel Arch Manor
  • Kwalitys Motel Shiraz

Shopping If you're done with sightseeing activities, then move to the Chowk Area for shopping where you'll several shops to buy Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees, gold & silver jewellery, embroidered clothes and antique products at reasonable prices. The craftsmen of Bhopal make beautiful bags, stoles and slippers of Arabian Nights. So, if you're looking for unique things to buy then do purchase it from here.

Fairs and Festivals Apart from religious festivals like Dussehra, Diwali and Ramnavmi, there are many different events and festivals like National Drama Festival, Dhrupad Samaroh, Bharat Bhavan Summer Festival, and Lokrang, which are celebrated with pomp and gaiety. Several cultural activities like folk dance and songs are organized during these events.

How to Reach

By Air: Raja Bhoj International Airport or Bhopal Airport is located at the distance of 13.3 km from the hotel. Tourists may hire taxi or cab from the airport to reach the hotel. The airport is well connected with rest of the major cities like Indore, Gwalior, Mumbai, and Delhi.

By Rail: Bhopal Railway Station is the nearest railhead, which is located at the distance of 2.1 km from the hotel.

By Road: There are major cities like Indore (195 km), Ujjain (192 km), Nagpur (351 km) and Ratlam (299.8 km), which are well connected to Bhopal by road.