Kalanag Black Peak Uttarakhand

Black peak, also popular by the name ‘Kalanag’ which literally means Black Cobra, is one of the major peak in Bandarpunch mountain range of the Garhwal Himalayas. With an altitude of 6,387 m, this gigantic peak is the tallest among the other mountains of the Bandarpunch (Saraswati) massif. Providing the stunning views of the Ruinsara valley, this mountain lies close to it. The other peaks that are situated in its immediate vicinity are Bandarpunch I (Saraswati Devi Parvat) and Bandarpunch II (Hanuman Parvat).

Black peak was first submitted in the year 1955 by JMT Gibson who was an English school master in the Doon school of Dehradun. The route that was used was from the Northwest face of the mountain. It is considered to be the easiest route that is subsequently been used by the climbers who are out there in the Uttarakhand Himalayas for trekking and climbing the snow-clad peak of this massive mountain. Other than mountaineering, there are no other adventure activities carried out in this Black peak of Uttarakhand.

As for the explorers, Dehradun is considered to be the closest place to start off with their mountain climbing expedition. From where, one has to approach the road head at Sankri. Thereafter, the trekking route follows Taluka, Osla and the beautiful Ruinsara valley that leads to the base camp at Kyarkoti. It is advisable to check for the weather conditions before starting off the adventurous trek to the Black peak.

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