Hill Stations in Uttarakhand

The beauty of Uttarakhand is almost celestial. Majorly adorned with hulking high mountains that are covered with dense greenery; the sparkling lakes; gurgling streams and sprawling flower-strewn meadows, Uttarakhand clinches the title of being one of the best destinations to visit in India. A collection of exquisite hill stations in Uttarakhand create opportunities for nature lovers to find a piece of their heaven here. While some of the hill stations enjoy a huge fan-base in the country, there are still many hilly places that haven’t caught the attention of tourists. These hill stations make salubrious retreats for those seeking to mend their bond with nature. The trees, mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls act as a therapy to make one overcome all kinds of anxieties and stress; they gradually bring happiness and completely rejuvenate mind body and soul. Also, offering unsurpassed experience of viewing some of the tallest peaks in India make these hill stations ideal for holidays in India.

Apart from the popular hill stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, Lansdowne, Dhanaulti, Chakrata, Kausani and Binsar that have won the hearts of many, the state is the heir of such destinations that with their beauty can get several head-turns. Hill stations like Auli can enchant people with its fine gradients that are ideal for skiing in the winter. Similarly, the rustic charm of Chopta, Chaukori, Gangolihat, Gwaldam, Harsil can captivate the attention of nature lovers. Many hill stations like Pangot are the birdwatchers’ paradise as they offer an incredible opportunity to witness flights of varied bird species, both native and migratory. And there are places like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri that are a bit more than hill stations as they offer themselves to be the gateway to attain spiritualism. And there are still a few where adventure is a lifeline. At Uttarakhand, a holiday never comes to an end, everyday is a day of a new experience and a new opportunity to strengthen the bond with nature.

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