Glaciers in Uttarakhand

One of the major tourist attractions in Uttarakhand is the frozen glaciers. There are about 1439 glaciers in Uttarakhand that cover an area of 4060 km sq in total. Subdivided into various ranges, glaciers in the state are part of the Nanda Devi Group, Dhauliganga Group, Kamet Group, Gangotri Group, Satopanth Group and Bandar Poonch Group of mountains. Most of the known glaciers in Uttarakhand feed the enduring rivers that flow through the state and are an important source of fresh water for the locals. Needless to say that hiking to these glaciers is a popular adventure activity amongst the adventure aficionados. However, some of the glaciers are counted as holy in Uttarakhand making a must see or a place to perform the pilgrimage, while there are some glaciers that are admired for their enormous size, high altitude, and resplendence. Glaciers in the state of Uttarakhand are the prime source of some of the important streams of India. The sacred River Ganga has its origin in the meltwater of Gangotri Glacier while Yamunotri Glacier feeds the headstream of River Yamuna.

Apart from these two glaciers, Bandar Poonch, Milam, and Pindari are some of the popular glaciers in Uttarakhand. However, there are some other glaciers which are known for being the trekking destinations like Ralam, Sunderdhunga, Doonagiri, and Khatling. The glaciers in Uttarakhand add a certain charm to the diverse landscape this state offers, unfortunately, most of them are depleting due to global warming due to which, the retreating point of Gangotri Glacier has come down from 22 m in 2001 to 10 m in 2015. Khatling Glacier is also suffering from the adverse effect of global warming. Since 1965, it is reported that the outcome of global warming resulted in the loss of 10 percent glacier area. When it comes to Doonagiri Glacier, temporal fluctuations and frontal area change have been noticed at a gradual rate from 1965 to 2013.

Famous Glaciers in Uttarakhand

  • Bandar Poonch Glacier

    One of the astonishing peak in the Western Himalayas, Bandar Poonch Glacier is situated at an elevation of 6316 m. The name Bandar Poonch stands for 'Tail of the Monkey' which is a devoted to Lord Hanuman. The trekking route of the glacier is moderately difficult...Read more

  • Gangotri Glacier

    Located in the Uttarkashi district, it is the most prominent glacier in the Garhwal region. The glacier is known as the key source of Ganges and is situated at an altitude of 4023 m above the sea level... Read more

  • Khatling Glacier

    It is located in the Tehri district of the state Uttarakhand. Known as one of the important glaciers of Himalayas, Khatling Glacier is the key source of Bhilangana River. Moreover, one can enjoy the snowy peaks of the Great Himalayas during their trek to this trek... Read more

  • Doonagiri Glacier

    Known as the vital glacier of Dhauli Ganga System of glaciers, Doonagiri Glacier is located in Almora district at an elevation of 5150 m. The charisma of this attraction includes getting a sight of snow-capped mountains, peaks, valleys, skiing slopes, and dense forests while heading on its trekking trail... Read more

  • Milam Glacier

    The attraction is situated in the Kumaon Himalayas of the state Uttarakhand and comes under the district of Pithoragarh. The glacier is perched at an altitude of 5500 m above the sea level and is the main source of the River Milam... Read more

  • Pindari Glacier

    One of the popular glaciers for trekking enthusiasts, Pindari serves an immense beauty of nature to its tourists. It is situated at an elevation of 3600 m and is amongst the preferable trekking glaciers in Kumaon region... Read more

  • Kafni Glacier

    Supported by the Pindar Valley and situated at an elevation of 3860 m, the glacier offers a rich experience to trekkers. The glacier is the source of Kafni River... Read more

  • Ralam Glacier

    Lies on the foothills of the Great Himalayas, the glacier is situated at an altitude of 2290 m above the sea level. It is situated in Pithoragarh district near Ralam Dhaura... Read more

  • Chorabari Glacier

    Chorabari Glacier also known as the Chorabari Bamak Glacier lies in the Garhwal Himalayan region of Uttarakhand... Read more

  • Dokriani Glacier

    A significant glacier located in district of Uttarkashi, Dokriani Glacier is also called Dokriani Bamak by the locals... Read more

  • Maiktoli Glacier

    Immaculate and extremely scenic Maiktoli Glacier is located in the west of Pindari Glacier. Ultimate destination for adventure enthusiasts and avid trekkers... Read more

  • Namik Glacier

    One of the most ecstatic treks of all, Namik Glacier takes one past the virgin Himalayan beauty. Situated on the Kumaon Himalayas Of Uttarakhand, this glacier features... Read more

  • Sunderdhunga Glacier

    The glittering Sunderdhunga Glacier glorifies the Kumaon Region with its existence. Situated in the Sunderdhunga Valley, which is some 24 km from Khati Village, Sunderdhunga Glacier is a sight to cherish on a trek to Jatoli... Read more

  • Satopanth Glacier

    Lying in the Northwest of the Neelkanth Peak in Garhwal Region, Satopanth is a popular glacier in the region. Considered challenging to scale, this glacier expands to an area of 13 km... Read more

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