Shopping in Uttarakhand

The most important part as the journey comes to an end are the souvenirs that a traveller takes back with him. This northern state calls out to all the shopping fanatics as there are a number of places you can visit from bakeries, bazaars, to places where you will find the best quality of leather. Besides this, one can fancy a number of local handicrafts, wooden work, carpets, gems, jewellery, squashes , homemade jams, woolen articles to keep you warm and Garhwali paintings to take back home.Then there are markets full of unique handmade accessories and gems, woodcrafts which can be found in Munsiyari, Mussoorie, and Nainital. Another thing that Nainital is famous for is its wax candles, it is in the Bara Bazaar and Mall Road, one can find some exquisitely designed candles. Besides all the colourful and vibrant markets, one more place you would like to find yourself in is the Chowk Bazar. This market in Almora is famous for Angora clothes made from the fluffy fur of angora rabbits. A good variety of copperware is also available in Almora and Bageshwar. Must haves from Uttarakhand are the brightly colored ringal products while browsing what to gift friends back home,

well these ringal products are the greener and better alternative to plastic. This archaic art of ringal weaving is practiced in Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Over 10,000 people earn their livelihood from making these exquisite products like baskets, mats , furniture, handicrafts which can go well for upto 6-7 years if maintained. Apart from this, there are not for profit companies settled in Panchachuli and other parts which sell handwoven and hand knitted products , spices, juices, herbs which you can take home . Some of the companies promote women empowerment with the sole motive of providing employment. And that's not all as there are so many other things one can find in places like Paltan Bazar and bakeries in Dehradun which serve the best mouth-watering delicacies, Kotdwara bazaar, Tibetan market and Bhowali fruit market which is the ultimate fruit paradise. Lastly, souvenirs are not just a keepsake but a tangible memory which would leave you nostalgic by reminding you of the great time you spend in Uttarakhand and might pull you back to this Northern state of India.

Popular Shopping Items in Uttarakhand

  • Ringaal Handicraft

    Created by the Ringaal people of the Kumaon Region in Uttarakhand, this handicraft is an ancient art in the state. Ringaal handicraft is made using the bamboo which can be found in the state in abundance. The popular Ringaal items are baskets, kitchen utility items, mats, and furniture.

  • Aipan

    An important native art coming from the region of Kumaon in Uttarakhand, Aipan is a folk art that is associated with the legends of the region's tradition. The art is the perfect combination of skill and imagination that are demonstrated on the shawls and stoles, wall hangings, bookmarks, coasters, photo frames etc.

  • Rambaans Handicrafts

    A traditional art form, Rambans handicraft is done by using jute and hemp. The fibers are used in creating shopping worthy items like bags, purses, wall hangings and showpieces. This art form can mostly be seen in the greener areas of Uttarakhand where the two fibers can be found in abundance.

  • Copperware

    Making use of the copper is deeply integrated into the traditions of Uttarakhand. The art of copperware can be seen practiced in several parts of the state where the artists indulge in making items like copper pots, water tillers, drinking glasses, musical instruments, masks and other essential elements out of copper.

  • Wooden Crafts

    Uttarakhand excels in creating woodwork items as it is one of the ancient art forms in the state. The Gunjyal village takes an initiative of woodcraft and they have skilled people working to create walking sticks, animal figures, miniature, figures of god.

  • Waxwork

    Candles of Uttarakhand have worldwide acclamation, the state is known creating fragrant candles of different shapes and sizes that make excellent home decor item. The candle work or waxwork is a popular souvenir of Nainital which is also a popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand.

  • Angora and Pashmina

    Woollens in Uttarakhand are the best buys, not only the state sells them at an affordable price but also knits and weaves some fine quality and attractive woollens. Almora and few other places in Uttarakhand are famous for its Angora and Pashmina items, whereas several Gramudyogs and Village women groups manufacture pretty woollen mufflers, caps, socks and gloves.

  • Spices and Pickles

    In order to develop the rural areas of Uttarakhand, the government and NGOs have formed Gramudyogs and Rural Women Groups that are involved in the packaging of organic spices and pickle making. These products can be found around the states and are quite affordable as well.

  • Juices, Wines, and Jams

    Uttarakhand is famous for producing a wide range of fruit preserves including jam, juice, and wine. The Rhododendron wine in Uttarakhand is quite a product to buy and so is the honey and variety of other jams, jellies, juices and squash.

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