Bamba Dhura Peak Uttarakhand

Part of the Kumaon Himalayan ranges; Bamba Dhura Peak is situated in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Its peak has a sky-high altitude of 6,334 m above the sea level, and is quite secluded placed at the end ridge over the Kalabaland Glacier in the eastern part of the district, left of the Milam Glacier. Another peak; Chiring We of 6,559 m altitude is also on the Bamba Dhura massif which is the part of divide between Kalabaland and Lassar valley.

Trekking and peak climbing are some of the adventure activities that the adventurists look forward to while being in Uttarakhand. Dressed-up in snow, the Bamba Dhura standing in the Panchachuli region of peaks is every trekker’s dream. Though, it is a difficult climb comprised of many intricate terrains, which in fact makes it very popular among the explorers who are on the lookout for an incredible mountaineering experience in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. Whereas, Kalabaland Dhura of 6,105 m altitude lying to the west provides with the awe-inspiring views from the Bamba Dhura Peak. As per the records, the first ascend to its summit was made in the year 1977 from southeastern ridge between the Bamba Dhura and Chiring we by Col. Later, it became the popular route to climb Bamba Dhura along with the western ridge between the two the peaks.

Munsiyari of the Kumaon region is the nearest place which is accessible through motorable roads from the Bamba Dhura Peak. Thus, becomes the starting point for the trek to Bamba Dhura Peak and also for the other Kumaon Himalayas. Enveloped in immense natural beauty and charm, this place is a must visit for the real believers of adventure. But before starting off, it is always recommended to keep a watch on the weather conditions at least one week prior to the starting of the expedition.

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