Rivers in Uttarakhand

The glistening rivers in Uttarakhand that come majorly from the imposing glaciers make the state appear even more stunning as well as sacred. Uttarakhand is said to be the land of two most holy rivers in India, Ganga and Yamuna both have their origin points reckoned to be sacred most in the country. River Ganga which is a synonym for life and cleansing of sin is the most famous stream that Uttarakhand is proud to be the progenitor of. Other famous rivers in the state include Yamuna, Bhagirathi and many other tributaries and distributaries such as Dhauli Ganga, Kali Ganga, Girthi Ganga, Rishi Ganga, Bal Ganga, Bhilangna River, Tons River, Alaknanda, Nandakini, Pindar, Kosi, and Mandakini. Each of these rivers has their own religious as well as economic significance. Apart from being decked with sacred shrines on their banks that cater to a lot of Hindu devotees, these rivers along with their tributaries, are a vital source for irrigation and power-generation in Uttarakhand.

The meandering rivers in Uttarakhand also are an allurement for those seeking adrenaline rushing activities. River Ganga and Tons make excellent travel destinations for adventure lovers who can enjoy whitewater river rafting. Another experience that an adrenaline junkie can enjoy especially in Rishikesh is Bungee Jumping, where he has an opportunity to hover above the emerald Ganga River when dropped from 80 m high platform. Rivers like Ramganga, Kosi and a few more are also perfect for recreational activities of fishing and angling as these mighty rivers are home to game fish like Mahaseer. Treks and riverside camping are other ways one can relish the rivers of Uttarakhand at their best.

Famous Rivers in Uttarakhand

  • Ganga

    Considered as the holiest river in India, River Ganga is the prominent attraction in the state of Uttarakhand. According to Hindu Mythology, a bath in the holy water of the river cleanses the soul, sin, and diseases.Read more

  • Yamuna

    Ganga is not the only holy river in the country; the Yamuna is another blessed stream. Similarly to Ganga, it is believed that bath in the Yamuna blessed an individual's soul and frees him from all sins.Read more

  • Alaknanda

    The River is the one of the two mainstream of holy river Ganga. The confluence of Satopanth Glacier and Bhagirathi Kharak Glacier are the source of Alaknanda.Read more

  • Bhagirathi

    Bhagirathi River is the main source of the River Ganga. The river originates from the Gaumukh. The river has a length of 205 km.Read more

  • Ramganga

    Ramganga is the part of the Ganga system. The river flows from the Dun valley of the Corbett National Park and joins Ganga near Kannauj in Uttarpradesh.Read more

  • Kali

    The largest river in the Kumaon region, Kali River is also known as "Sharda River", "Kutyangdi", or Mahakali River. The river comes under the district of Pithoragarh and has a length of 184 km.Read more

  • Tons

    The Tons River flows through the Garhwal region. Supin and Rupin are the two streams which give birth to river Tons. The merger of these two near Naitwar gives birth to Tons River.Read more

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