Arwa Crest Peak Uttarakhand

Popular among the majestic peaks of Garhwal Himalayas, the Arwa group of mountains is a set of three mountains namely; the Arwa Tower, Arwa Crest and Arwa Spire that reside on the south side of the southwest branch of the Arwa Valley. These gigantic peaks of Arwa group are the prized possessions of the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Comparing the three, Arwa tower with an elevation of 6352 m is the tallest peak, whereas the height of the Arwa Crest lies near 6250 m. Adorned with steep rocks and ice streaked peaks, these mountains are a challenging trek, not frequented by many climbers yet. Thus, gives a new height to the adventure activities that happens in Uttarakhand.

Arwa Crest peak stands to the west of the Arwa Tower near to the Tibet border, which is the reason behind the restricted access of the tourists to these peaks. The phenomenally beautiful Arwa valley perched at an elevation of 4350 m, provides itself as the base camp for all the three peaks. That also act as the best attraction for the visitors on a trekking and peak climbing expedition to the Arwa Crest peak in Uttarakhand. Apart from the adventure tourists, if there are visitors who are not interested into any adventure activities, can surely go for a hill drive or put on their hiking shoes and get inspired by the enchanting far views of the enormous snowclad peaks. It is these-life changing and larger than life visions of the serene nature that is popularizing Uttarakhand Tourism in India and even outside.

The first ascent to the Arwa Crest Peak was made in the year 2002 by a French team using the north face. Apart from this, the other route to approach Arwa Crest Peak is the east ridge. While being here, the nearby peaks available for mountaineering are Kamath, Nilkantha and Chaukhamba, which are the other famous peaks in Uttarakhand.

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