Monsoon Weather in Uttarakhand

From July to September the state of Uttarakhand experiences monsoon. This time of year is not considered as the idyllic season as compared to other two seasons. The reason for this is that the place witnesses heavy rainfall in these months. The temperature ranges from 15°C to 25°C.  However, even though the heavy rains in these months cause travel problems for the travellers, it cannot be forgotten that the Chhota Chardham Yatra that begins in the summer month of April/May continues through the monsoon months till October. Therefore, Uttarakhand still sees a huge gathering of tourists in the monsoon season as well.

It should also not be denied that one can explore the lush beauty of the state during the monsoon season. There are few places in Uttarakhand which are at their best only during these months as the flora gets rejuvenated with the regular showers of the rain  The most serene and untainted hill station, Lansdowne and a few others are at the peak of its beauty in monsoon. Along with these, Uttarakhand also hosts few festivals and fairs which also draws tourists. Devidhura Fair Bagwal, Olgia/Ghee Sanskriti, and Kandali festivals and fairs are the other major draws of Uttarakhand in the months of monsoon.

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