Chiring We Peak Uttarakhand

Chiring We which literally means 'Mountain of long life' is an enormous peak situated in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Blessed with an amazing elevation of 6,559 m above the sea level, Chiring We peak is the tallest peak above the Kalabaland Glacier. The Chiring We massif includes the peaks of Bamba Dhura lying at a height of 6,334 m, Trigal at 5,983 m, Suitilla at 6,373 and Suli Top at 6,300 m , altogether separates Lassar Yankti valley from Kalabaland valley.

While trekking and climbing the peak of the Chiring We peak in the Uttarakhand Himalayas the adventurous trek makes its way through the glaciers of Kalabaland, Sankalpa and Yankchar experiencing the sharp ridges, icefall, crevasses, ice-pinnacles and ice walls. Though not easily, the first successful ascent to this peak was made in the year 1979 by an Indian team led by a mountaineer and author Harish Kapadia via North-east ridge. The other possible climbing routes to reach the summit of Chiring We peak are West ridge and Sankalpa Glacier. And out of all the three, Sankalpa route is considered to be the easiest. The beautiful views of the neighboring peaks and the dawdling valley make the trekking worthwhile.

The adventure seekers very much interested in the activities like mountaineering in the magnificent peaks of the Kumaon Himalayas in Uttarakhand, start their trek from Munsiyari which is the nearest place accessible through motorable road. It is the place well connected to important towns, but it doesn’t have railhead and airport of its own. For it, Ramnagar is the closest railway station and Pantnagar is the nearest airport. As the peak is highly susceptible to extreme climatic conditions, it is better to get the prior information about at least a week’s weather trends, so that to be sure about that before commencing.

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