Rudraprayag Travel Guide

Enriched with a soul-stirring view of the Alaknanda River, Rudraprayag is a municipality and town in the Rudraprayag district in the state of Uttarakhand. It is the home of the towering Garhwal Himalayas, meandering rivers and of course the sacred Hindu shrines which are the main tourist attractions as they uphold great mythological importance. The town of Rudraprayag is where one can witness the holy embrace of the Alaknanda and Mandakini Rivers, which also makes it one of the much revered Panch Prayags where just a dip is reckoned to cleanse one from all his sins. The legend has it, this holy town in Uttarakhand got its name from Lord Shiva who is believed to have appeared at this place in the avatar of Rudra. Indeed, Rudraprayag is a Hindu pilgrimage destination with plenty to offer to the nature lovers as well as peace seekers. What makes this town even more significant for Uttarakhand tourism is the fact that this scenic and a serene religious destination is one of the major base points for the famed Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra.

Rudraprayag as a district is a haven for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, solo travellers along with of course Hindu devotees with unwavering faith.

This district in the Garhwal region is also ideal to witness the simple and humble rural life that by the way also reflects the beauty and humility of Uttarakhand's culture. Also, we cannot forget that the popular Hindu pilgrimage place, Kedarnath is situated in Rudraprayag district, which definitely thickens the divine aura. There is also immense scope for trekking in the district as it is dotted with some of the most enthralling trails; including that of Kedarnath, Chopta-Chandrashila and Deoriatal. The trekking opportunity naturally creates fair chances of taking delight in camping under the stars-adorned sky and on the lush flower-strewn meadows. Rudraprayag district is a perfect destination for adventurers at heart, and of course a haven for those seeking the blessings of gods.

Our Rudraprayag travel guide is replete with details on every must visit destination in the district, along with options of various interesting things to do, like exploring the beautiful and sacred temples and trekking to lesser visited places. The holiday guide also mentions exhilarating options for the culture lovers who can indulge in rural/village tourism to learn more about the culture of Uttarakhand.

Best Time to Visit Rudraprayag

Feel the beauty nature unfolds in and around Rudraprayag whether in the sunny summers or chilly winters as these are the best seasons to take a tour to this pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand. Plan your journey between November and June as these are the favourable months to witness the serenity of Rudraprayag making it a popular tourist place in the state.

  • Summer

    Bright shining sun with a calm fresh air blowing, summer is indeed the best time to visit Rudraprayag. The temperature being moderate here ranging from 20°C to 36°C, you can trek your way to temples and other tourist attractions for the rejuvenating spiritual vibe without any hindrance during summer months.

  • Monsoon

    See the sky changing colours and trees swaying as the rain falls on the land of Rudraprayag. Starting from July and lasting till September, the monsoon in the district lets one enjoy the aroma of the soil and the liveliness rainfall brings in with a fall in temperature from 27°C to 21°C. As there are chances of landslides and roadblocks during monsoon, it is advised to check the weather forecast before planning a vacation in this season.

  • Winter

    Get the chance to hold snow in your hands, as the district is something not to miss in the winter season. Carry your warm clothes as it gets very cold in Rudraprayag from December to nearing the end of February. With temperatures dropping down to 0°C or even below.

Top Tourist Attractions in & around Rudraprayag

As you pay a visit to Rudraprayag, you will come across the lush green meadows and the scintillating view of the Himalayas. Besides this, the town has some of the best tourist places like major Hindu temples and small villages which cater to the diverse variety of visitors with a warm welcome of course!

  • Kedarnath Temple

    Trek your way from Gaurikund for 18 km to see the divine temple of Kedarnath. Dedicated to the Mighty Lord Shiva, this is the temple where he is worshipped as the Lord of Kedar Khand. Kedarnath is among the Char Dham Hindu Pilgrim sites of North India where devotees visit in abundance from last week of April to November. As the doors of a temple can never be closed, hence in winters the deities are carried to Ukhimath and worshipped there...Read more

  • Koteshwar Temple

    Another temple devoted to Lord Shiva is the Koteshwar temple making its place in the heart of Rudraprayag. This temple is renowned for the fact that Lord Shiva meditated in this cave for Lord Vishnu on his way to Kedarnath. Praise the Lord for his beautiful creation on Mahashivratri which is celebrated with great splendour as you spend your vacation here in winters.

  • Hariyali Devi Temple

    Worshipped by Hindus, this temple is devoted to Maa Hariyali Devi, who is preached and loved also as Vaishno Devi. The temple is set at an elevation of 1371 m and is home to three selfless idols Maa Hariyali Devi, Heet Devi, and Kshatrapal. Shower flowers and pray for well-being as you come across the beautifully sculpted idol of Maa Hariyali Devi seated on her lion.

  • Augustmuni

    Situated on the banks of Mandakini river is the hilly land of Augustmuni.The town got its name from the religious Guru Agastya as he meditated here for decades. Augustmuni is known for the Agasteshwar Mahadev Temple dedicated to the Guru. Meditate and rejuvenate your senses and spot the gods and goddesses carved on rocks here.

  • Chopta

    Between the green meadows lies the small town of Chopta. Known as mini Switzerland, visitors come here to sight the serene view of the snowy high Himalayas and deodar trees swinging in a soothing cold breeze in winters. It serves as a base for trekking to Chandrashila Summit and Tungnath Mandir... Read more

  • Ukhimath

    Ukhimath is a beautiful hill station which is the abode of deities of Kedarnath in winters. Revel in the spiritual aura as the lords are worshipped here for six months when Kedarnath is inaccessible due to extreme weather conditions. Nestled at a height of 1300 m, the hill station is a must visit place to spend holidays in during winters... Read more

  • Khirsu

    Enjoy the visual beauty of deodar trees, oaks and apple orchard adding their tinge, to the land of Khirsu in the Pauri Garhwal district. Though being isolated the hill station is the best place if you wish to meditate in the pollution free air. Change your frame of mind as you take a view of the Himalayas around the place which is 49 km away from Rudraprayag.

  • Sonprayag

    With its setting between the Rudraprayag and Gaurikund, Sonprayag is a village situated on the banks of river Mandakini and among the list of places to visit for a peaceful retreat. Get lost in the scintillating view of the Sonprayag valley with greenery all around.

  • Kalimath

    A holy spiritual place where you can hear the chime from the Kalimath temple and enjoy the auspicious festival of Navratri. Kalimath is a village in the district of Rudraprayag situated on Saraswati river at a height of 1800 m and the best travel destination for Hindu worshippers. The very famous Sanskrit poet, Kalidas was born here. Settled near the Ukhimath and Guptakashi, it is one of the Siddha Peeths of the region.

  • Jakholi

    Up for a thrilling trek experience? Well, then you are in the right place. Jakholi is a small village nurtured around the river Mandakini and Ganga and 37 km away from Rudraprayag. The small village has some of the best spots from where you can sight the snow-covered Himalayas.

  • Rudranath

    The third shrine that is to be visited on the Panch Kedar pilgrimage tour, Rudranath is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva. It is nurtured at the confluence of the great Garhwal Himalayan mountains.Rudranath is considered to be one of the hardest temples to reach with the trek mostly starting from Gopeshwar through the towering deodar trees and oaks. Read more

Where to Stay in Rudraprayag?

Rudraprayag offers you not just the mindblowing view of nature but some heartwarming welcome from hotels in and around it. The district comes up with an extensive list of accommodation, from pocket-friendly hotels to lavish ones. As you plan your vacation, prioritize your comfort and choose from a variety of simple 3 star, 2 star, 1 star hotels and government lodges available here. Tent accommodations in places like Chopta are also available for a thrilling staying experience. A number of locals have opened their homes to tourists, and thus, a few comfortable and pretty homestays are also mushrooming in the district. Cafe style accommodation that was once popular in the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, is also coming to Uttarakhand, and in Sari Village, one can find a few such staying options.

How to Reach Rudraprayag?

Rudraprayag, the land of mystic shrines and serene sea is well connected by the three major means of transport, and hence reaching out here won't be a hassle. As per your convenience, you can opt for any means from the ones listed below.

  • By Air

    Land on Jolly Grant Airport near Dehradun, 156 km away from your destination. Cabs are easily available from the airport for places in Rudraprayag.

  • By Rail

    Nearest railway station is Rishikesh which is 141 km away from Rudraprayag. If you are travelling from other prime cities of India, you should de-board at Haridwar railway station which is another 20 km away from Rishikesh and is the major station in India. Cabs are easily accessible from Rishikesh to reach Rudraprayag.

  • By Road

    Rudraprayag is well connected via buses that travel to and fro from Delhi to Rudraprayag and Haridwar/Rishikesh, from where one can board another bus to the destinations in the district.

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