Harsil Travel Guide

Seated on the bank of River Bhagirathi, Harsil is one of the hidden gems of Uttarakhand. This beautiful village in the Garhwal Himalayas is situated at an altitude of 2620 m and is part of the equally gorgeous Uttarkashi District. Harsil is a nature lover's paradise and is ideal for those seeking some adventure in the mighty Garhwal Himalayas. The village is also a dream location for those who love trekking, biking, and other adventure activities.

Falling en route Gangotri from Uttarkashi, Harsil is covered in dense Oak and Deodar Forests and is a place where nature greets with a warm embrace.

The apple orchards, the shimmering and gurgling streams, and the chirp of the birds, all make this lesser-explored tourist attraction the prized possession of Uttarakhand. Therefore, planning a honeymoon or an adventure tour to this destination in Garhwal region is ideal.

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Best Time to Visit Harsil

Summer is considered as the ideal season to visit Harsil. During this time the weather is moderate and the beauty of the town remains at its peak. However, the village always remains in danger of landslides during monsoon. The winters experienced here are a bit cold and are perfect for adventure lovers seeking to get some adrenaline rush.

  • Summer

    April to June is the period of the summer season in Harsil. The weather remains moderate and pleasant during summers. The temperature ranges from 18°C to 30°C. Carrying some woolen clothes is advisable as the temperature falls down to 9°C during the night even in summers because of high altitude. The temperature during these months is favorable for trekkers.

  • Monsoon

    July marks the onset of the monsoon that lasts until August. The village experiences average rainfall during monsoon. This brings the temperature down and makes the area quite cool. But, the rain sometimes results in landslides and roads can also get blocked. Therefore, it is advised to check the weather forecast before planning a trip to Harsil in monsoon.

  • Winter

    The winter season in Harsil starts from the month of October and lasts till February. The village experience snowfall during the winters and the temperature can dive below 0°C. Trekking becomes challenging during these months in Harsil. Despite the cold weather, numbers of tourists prefer this place to spend their vacation and to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the hills.

Popular Tourists Attaractions and Things To Do in & arround Harsil

Harsil is the place known for its picturesque scenery and the tranquility that nature offers. The place and its surroundings are both replete with attractions that are ideal for nature lovers.

  • Dharali

    Located at a distance of 6 km from the Harsil, Dharali is known for its apple orchards. The place is situated on the bank of the River Ganga which is surrounded by pine trees. The Shiva Temple in the village is the chief attraction there.

  • Mukhwas Village

    Known as the home of Goddess of Gangotri, the village is situated just 1 km away from Harsil. Gangotri region experiences heavy rainfall during winters. Thus, during this time the devotees worship village as the gates of Gangotri, whenever it remains temporarily closed due to rainfall.

  • Kedar Tal

    Surrounded by Thalay Sagar, Bhrigupanth, Jogin 1, Jogin 2, and other Himalayan peaks, Kedar Tal is situated at an elevation of 4750 m. It is one of the highest lakes in Uttarakhand and attracts a number of tourists. Moreover, the place also offers trekking for adventure enthusiasts.

  • Dodital Lake

    The lake is one of the famous trekking destinations in Uttarakhand and is located at an altitude of 3024 m above the sea level. The place is situated at a distance of 25.6 km from Harsil. Here, one can explore the dense forest of deodar along with the animals and birds... Read more

  • Dayara Bugyal

    If you a trek lover, you can visit Dayara Bugyal when you visit Harsil. Both these places are at a distance of mere 51.1 km from each other. Dayara is one of the most pretty meadows in Uttarakhand and is situated at an elevation of 3048 m... Read more

  • Gangotri Glacier

    Another trek for adventure lovers, Gangotri Glacier is located at a distance of 47.8 km from Harsil. One can also visit the Gangotri temple which is just 29 km from this place. The place offers 28 km long trek for trek lovers... Read more

  • Gangotri

    One of the main attractions of Chhota Char Dham, Gangotri is situated at a distance of 25 km from Harsil. The place as we all know is the holy Hindu pilgrimage site... Read more

  • Trekking

    Harsil makes for a great base point for many exhilarating treks in Uttarakhand. Amongst the best treks are Khatling Glacier and Dayara Bugyal along with rock climbing in Gangotri.

Where to Stay in Harsil?

Harsil being a lesser known destination does not have many options for accommodation. A handful of guesthouses and budget hotels can be found in the village which can only offer to cater the basic needs of the travellers. One can find decent number of places to stay in Gangotri and Uttarkashi, which are 25 km and 74 km away from Harsil respectively. Out of the two places, more accommodation options can be found in Uttarkashi.

How to Reach Harsil?

Harsil is quite accessible from Uttarkashi and Gangotri and is connected well with roads. Therefore, reaching here is not difficult. One can also choose air and rail services to a certain extent to reach at least halfway to the place.

  • By Air

    The nearest airport from Harsil is Jolly Grant Airport which is situated in Dehradun at a distance of 232 km. The airport offers daily flights to and fro important cities like; Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata. From the airport, there are cab services available by which one can reach Harsil without any hassle. The airport is also well-connected to Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, which is at a distance of 461 km from Harsil.

  • By Rail

    Rishikesh and Haridwar Railway Station are the nearest railway stations from Harsil. Though trains to both the stations are available, Haridwar seems to have better connectivity and is at a distance of 262 km. One can take a taxi from here to reach Harsil.

  • By Road

    Harsil is well linked with other cities and towns of the state of Uttarakhand through roads. The nearest bus station from Harsil is Uttarkashi which is well connected with major cities. There are state-run buses to Uttarkashi, and cab service from there for Harsil.

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