Munsiyari Travel Guide

Embedded in the crown of Kumaon Hills, is a precious gem called Munsiyari whose beauty is in its serenity and untouched landscape. Munsiyari is said to be the sub-division headquarters in Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand and is often compared to Kashmir for its natural beauty. This picturesque hill station is situated at 2298 m and is home to breathtaking view of the Panchachuli Peaks which include Nanda Devi and Nandakot. Munsiyari apart from an ideal destination for nature lovers, is a destination for those seeking some adventure in the Kumaon Hills, apart from trekking on lesser trodden paths and viewing sightly views, an adventurist at heart can enjoy skiing and can even go for an exhilarating Snow Leopard Trek in the winter season.

This must-see travel destination is also dubbed the 'Gateway to Johar Valley,' which though lesser known, is extremely beautiful and is home to famous explorer, Nain Singh Rawat.

Our Munsiyari travel guide is overflowing with information on best places to visit and amazing things to do, which makes it quite essential for the travellers looking for an impeccable travelling experience. Also, handcrafted for you are the varied holiday packages by Tour My India that ensure a vacation unlike any other.

Best time to visit Munsiyari

The best time to visit Munsiyari is between March and June and then September and October. During these months, the temperature is pleasant, with October being a beautiful month to witness the different shades of the fall season.

  • Summer

    Munsiyari in summer remains quite pleasant with maximum temperature staying around 27°C, which means warm daytime. The minimum temperature is around 7°C that certainly beckon chilly nights.

  • Monsoon

    The monsoon season is from July to September and during this time most of the activities are suspended due to the heavy rainfall. The highest rainfall recorded in this area is in the month of August. Then, during the month of October and November, the conditions are pleasant and temperate remains low.

  • Winter

    Winters are extremely cold in Munsiyari as the temperature sometimes dips down to -3°C. During the daytime, if the sky is clear, the temperature rises to 15°C, keeping the day hours relatively hot.

Top Tourist Attractions and things to do in & around Munsiyari

Munsiyari is a paradise for nature lovers who can relish being amidst the beautiful landscape. However, the place also makes a great place for adventure aficionados who can enjoy the maximum in the winter season when the place is covered in the blanket of snow and that skiing and snow leopard sighting opportunities are at their best.

  • Madkot

    It is a hamlet which is located 22 km from Munsiyari and is a great spot for those who want to indulge in photography. Apart from its scenic beauty and rich flora, Madkot is also known for its hot springs that have curing qualities.

  • Birthi Falls

    Birthi Falls is just 35 km away from Munsiyari and is easily accessible by a short trek. This waterfall is at a height 400 m above the sea level and also can be reached from Kalamuni pass.

  • Dharchula

    About 93 km from Munsiyari is a place named Dharchula which is situated on the bank of River Kali and is an important town on the route to Kailash Mansarovar. Apart from the flora, this place is also known for its strong historical background. It was known to be an ancient trading town for the trans-Himalayan trade routes... Read more

  • Narayan Ashram

    Established in the year 1936 by Narayan Swami which is situated at the height of 2,734 m, Narayan Ashram is a renowned spiritual and socio-economic centre in the region. Narayan Ashram is about 41 km from Munsiyari.

  • Milam Glacier

    It is 53.5 km from Munsiyari and the only way to reach Milam glacier is by trekking along the Gori Ganga River. En route, Bugdiyar to Rilkot is a thickly forested area from where the land opens to the Gori Ganga Valley.

  • Chaukori

    Chaukori is a district in Pithoragarh which is about 96.6 km from Munsiyari Village. Chaukori is more likely to be visited by those who are much of a devotee but then it also has a lot for nature lovers too... Read more

  • Trekking

    Munsiyari boasts the 53.5 km trek to the Milam glacier. While travelling to the glacier, when you cross the Gori Ganga River and the Burfu village, you can witness the Nanda Devi and Hardeol peaks.

  • Skiing

    The 2 spots in Munsiyari which is the hideout for the ski enthusiasts are Khaliya Top and Betuli Dhar. These two spots are newly opened and they have been an active ski point since then.

Where to Stay in Munsiyari?

Munsiyari has handful of hotels, however camping here is an ideal thing to do. The best accommodation for the tourists will be in the Pithoragarh. One can luxuriate in the cozy ambiance and relish hospitality offered in the town of Pithoragarh. The morning bliss can really be captivating when you look out from your room and witness the view of the hills. From 3 star to 1-star, all of them come up with decent amenities and best in class experience. Camping is also a possibility in Pithoragarh and places around where the open sky is filled with stars and the surroundings are adorned with beautiful Himalayan range are perfect spots.

How to Reach Munsiyari?

Munsiyari is well connected to the neighbouring places which are Pithoragarh, Lohaghat, Champawat, Tanakpur, Almora via roads. It is apparent that the best way to reach here is by road.

  • By Air

    Pithoragarh has an airport, Naini Saini, which will be operational in some time. The other nearest airport to Munsiyari is at Pantnagar, which is almost 188 km from Munsiyari. One has to book a cab to reach Munsiyari from Pantnagar.

  • By Rail

    The nearest railhead is Tanakpur which is 286 km from Munsiyari. You will have to take a bus till Pithoragarh or book a direct taxi from here to reach Munsiyari.

  • By Road

    The road connectivity is good enough and you can find state-run buses to Pithoragarh that go on a regular interval from Haldwani/Kathgodam and Delhi as well. Taxis are always the convenient option to reach Munsiyari.

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