Pithoragarh Travel Guide

Enlighten your senses as you travel to this unpopulated, beautifully settled town of Pithoragarh in Northern India. Mothered by Uttarakhand, and pampered by the Saur Valley, Pithoragarh is situated at an elevation of 1514 m as a headquarters of the district of the same name. Being a small town it stretches its warmth over 5 kms and is best known for keeping its cultural and traditional values alive until this time. The town has also kept its rustic charm intact and as you trek your way from one sacred temple to the other which are all dedicated to Lord Shiva and other divine deities, you will find more reasons to spend your vacation here amidst the snow-covered mountains like Panchachuli, Nanda Devi and the sound of the rushing water. Once done relishing the views of the enchanting mountains, a sight not to miss are the glaciers and alpine valleys like Ralam, Milam, Sundardunga, and Namik. Moreover, the town is a hub for adventure activities like paragliding and trekking, along with being a gateway for the sacred Hindu pilgrimage of Kailash Mansarovar.

Encompassing the small town of the same name and painting an area of 7,110 km2 with Nepal in the east and Tibet in the north is the Pithoragarh District.

Settled in the Kumaon region of the easternmost Uttarakhand, there is a definite reason that the district is known as Little Kashmir with the majestic sights of snow-capped peaks, high Himalayan mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and glaciers alluring the nature lovers to the fullest. Places like Chaukori that offer a 360° view of the Himalayan Peaks and a tranquil ambience to bask under the mildly warm sun are an integral part of this district. It is also home to several thrilling treks, of course including the famed Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage; and not to forget the Snow Leopard Trek in Munsiyari. It wouldn't be incorrect to call Pithoragarh amongst the most pretty districts in Kumaon Region for the simple fact that it has managed to keep itself confined from commercialization and closer to nature. It is an apt place to spend a holiday, a honeymoon, an adventure filled vacation or a solo trip, contemplating.

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Best Time to Visit Pithoragarh

Add that touch of nature to your life as you visit Pithoragarh, stationed in the realms of Uttarakhand. Summer is said to be the best time to plan your trip here as the weather is pleasant here in Pithoragarh.

  • Summer

    Neither too hot nor too cold is the perfect description of summers in this town. The temperature ranges between 7°C and 20°C in the summer months, hence you can revel in the tourist attractions and the temples with utmost comfort. With the sun shining bright and making the view for you more pleasant, it's indeed the best time to visit Pithoragarh.

  • Monsoon

    In monsoon, it rains heavily in Pithoragarh. With temperature varying between 30°C and 15°C, visitors generally avoid travelling in this season as there are chances of landslides due to unpredictable rainfall. In case you are planning a trip to Pithoragarh in monsoon, checking the weather forecast is adviced.

  • Winter

    As the winter season begins, pearly snowfall and cool breeze take over the town. From dusk to dawn, Pithoragarh experiences cold weather with temperature falling down to freezing 4°C. Pack some more of those warm clothes if you plan a trip to enjoy here in this season.

Popular Tourists Attaractions and Things to Do in Pithoragarh

As a sightseer you would be looking for attractions that have an edge over the other areas of Uttarakhand. Besides what can be better than visiting Pithoragarh where not just the town but the whole district is full of tourist attraction that will leave you delighted.

  • Pithoragarh Fort

    The Gorkhas gave structure to this fort which is situated near the suburbs of Pithoragarh. The fort holds great historical importance and is a tourist attraction where people trek to enjoy the scenic view of Kali Kumaon.

  • Nag Mandir

    Make your way to the open doors of spiritual chimes here at Pithoragarh in Nag Mandir. Perched up on a hill, the shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva and is sculpted in the form of a snake. Throughout the year visitors come here to get absorbed in the various festivals like Maha Shivaratri, Nag Panchami.

  • Gangolihat

    Encircled by Saryu and Ramganga rivers, lies the small town of Gangolihat which is famous for a number of classic shrines and deep caves. One would surrender to the beauty the town enwraps with the view of Himalayas.The town is known for its Shakti Peetha of Haat Kalika devoted to the mighty Kali Maa.

  • Kapileshwar Temple

    Another addition the beauty of Pithoragarh is Kapileshwar Temple. Located in a 10 m gaping cave, this Shiva Temple is dearly attached to Pithoragarh which is just 3 km away. Visit the Temple during Mahashivratri and spot the endless charm of snowy mountains as you chant mantras with other devotees.

Where to Stay in Pithoragarh?

Luxuriate yourself in the cozy ambiance of hospitality offered in the town of Pithoragarh. Peek out from your room and witness the natural aura as there are a number of hotels that you can spend your stay in. From 3 star to 1-star select mid-range hotels to pocket-friendly ones, all of them come up with great amenities and best in class experience. Camping is also a possibility in Pithoragarh and places around it where the open sky is filled with stars and the surroundings are adorned with beautiful Himalayan range.

How to Reach Pithoragarh

Pithoragarh, nestled in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand is the town of tranquility and natural charisma. To reach here, visitors are advised to travel by road as the town is well connected by it with the help of state and private buses and taxi services being available too. Apart from this, there are other means to reach there like air and rail.

  • By Air

    Take a flight to Pantnagar airport to reach Pithoragarh. The airport is 210 kms away from the town where taxis and cabs are easily available. Besides this, the airport in Pithoragarh will be soon functional making it easier for visitors to reach there.

  • By Rail

    At a distance of 148 kms from Pithoragarh is the Tanakpur railway station. After reaching there you can hire a taxi or cab without a headache.

  • By Road

    Pithoragarh is well connected to all major cities in Uttarakhand and with Delhi by buses operated either by the state or private companies.

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