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River Rafting in Sikkim

Feel the cool wind, splashes of cold water, and have a good time at river rafting adventure in Sikkim. The mighty rivers of Sikkim give out a great opportunity to test your strength and courage with fierce rapids on offer. This extremely beautiful Northeast State is blessed with two rivers, Teesta and Rangit that are long and are fast flowing, making Sikkim an ideal river rafting destination in India. Sikkim rafting begins from the conjunction of Yumthang, Donkia-La and Thangu, it is where the Teesta River emerges from, then it goes on to flow into Rangpo and creat a border between West Bengal and Sikkim, moving onto its final journey at the popular Teesta Bazaar. The two major rivers, Teesta and Rangit meet at a point called Triveni, which looks quite spectacular.

River Teesta is quite popularmainly for its white sand that are perfect to pitch a camp. This river is ranked has grade 3 and 4 rapids which are quite challenging and of course can make your heart race. Teesta river flows from Pahunri Glacier or Teesta Kangse. Its tributary Rangit, on the other hand has more turbulent rapids in certain stretches that are even more challenging than that of River Teesta, here the rapids range between grade 2 and 4. However, rafting in Sikkim is not only restricted to veteran rafters, amateurs/novice can also relish this adventure activity at some of the pretty stretches of both Rangit and Teesta.

Sikkim River Rafting

During your rafting adventure in Sikkim, you will not only face the challenges of the rapids but shall also be able to savour the views of terraced fields, thick forests, small villages, various flora and fauna and countless white sandy beaches. The best month for river rafting in Sikkim is from October to April.

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