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Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Feel the adrenaline rush by paddling through Sikkim’s meandering and high altitude trails, from where you can relish the magnificent views . Mountain Biking is considered one of the best adventure activities in Sikkim. In fact it is reckoned the most suitable option to explore the unexplored and hidden paths of this gem of Northeast that is packed with rugged trails and dramatic terrains. Sikkim offers the bikers pleasurable yet hair-raising ride experience that is often melded with sighting of the beautiful countryside, tiny villages, picturesque monasteries, scintillating lakes, grandiose mountains, and lush greenery. The state boasts a plethora of mountain biking trails, each crossing through awe-inspiring places such as Gangtok, Rumtek, Martam, Ravangla, Tashiding, Temi, Pemayangtse, Yuksam where with every curve that you take something new to see is on offer. Interest based mountain biking expeditions are also available in Sikkim, where you can opt from a wide array of cycling tour that of city cycling tour, village cycling tour, pilgrimage cycling tour and the most interesting off road cycling tour. There is no denying that each biking tour in Sikkim has different experience, and that just one expedition is not enough to learn about the opulence of this extravagant Northeast India destination.

Sikkim Mountain Biking

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