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Tendong Hill Namchi

The absorbing sight of the hills and valleys from Tendong Hill captivates and titillates every locals and out-of-towners. Located above Damthang, Tendong Hill is surrounded by lushness created by mother nature. This attraction is a must visit for all those who enjoy spending some quality time amidst the green landscape. From here, you can see a fascinating sight of the unshaven hills of the southern capital of Sikkim, Namchi, which itself attracts many travellers to partake in adventure activities like rafting and trekking. In fact, Namchi is the main base for trekking to Tendong Hill, however, Damthang town can also be considered as a secondary base camp site since this place is en route the hill. There are about 90 species of birds that flock around the area and a large number of mammals like Himalayan Bears, Red Pandas and Leopards that shelter amidst this jaded forest. It is an ideal place to get a panoramic sight of the eastern Himalayas from the three storied watchtower located here. Also, attractions like Nathula, part of Gangtok town, Darjeeling and some part of the plains of West Bengal are visible from here.

Getting There

Tendong Hill is accessible from Damthang via 6 kilometre trekking. This small town is 14 kilometres from Namchi and 13 km drive from Ravangla. In order to reach this settlement you can get taxi/bus services from different towns of Sikkim.

Best Time To Visit

The months between March and June are ideal to visit Tendong Hill. The summer breeze offers an excellent feel to hike up this attraction to witness mesmerizing views.

Tendong Hill Namchi, Sikkim
Things to do and see

From Tendong Hill, you will get an uninterrupted sight of the Himalayan hills and sights of other Sikkimese places like Nathu La and parts of Gangtok. Within the premises, there is a watchtower, as well as a small monastery where you can explore and seek solitude.

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