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Best Time to Visit Lachen

The ones, who are planning a trip to Lachen, must know that the best time to visit this place begins from October and lasts till June. Summers are quite pleasant here, opening up chances for sightseeing and several other outdoor activities. Monsoon however is not considered to be a good season to visit Lachen, as heavy rainfall disrupts travelling. Winter season is a bit chilly, yet is a great season to witness the spell-binding views of the mountains.

Summer :

Summers in Lachen begin in the month of March and last till June. The weather is not very hot with temperature hovering between 10°c - 28°c. Its pleasing in Lachen during summers, one can easily travel across its charming locales and can also delight in a sightseeing trip during this time. Thangu, an annual yak race is held during summers, a must watch for thrill seekers.

Monsoon :

The monsoon season sets in the month of July and ends till September. Weather of this season is not apt for a visit to Lachen, as heavy rainfall is witnessed by the entire village. Monsoons disrupt travelling and also can be hard to handle if you wish to indulge in some outdoor fun. Temperatures in this season range between 15°c - 22°c.

Winter :

Winters in Lachen start in the month of October and end by February. The temperature at this time hovers between 5°c - 15°c. In this season weather becomes a lot chilly, yet it is an amazing time to witness some of the most enchanting views of the snow-clad Himalayas. Not missing out the famous Gurdongmar Lake that freezes at this time and is a sight to behold.

Best Time to Visit Lachen

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