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Best Time to Visit Aritar

Adorned with rolling hills, lush green forests and placid lakes, Aritar is a spot which attracts swarms of tourists from places far and wide. Summer season offers the best time to visit this place as this season is extremely pleasing and enjoyable. Monsoons here characterize heavy rainfall, causing disruptions in travelling. Winters are chilly in Aritar, as the temperature in this season drops down to the freezing point. Hence visitors are advised not to visit this place in the winter season.

Summer :

Summer season is the most preferred season for travel to Aritar. The month of March marks the beginning of summers which last till the month of June. During this time the temperature ranges between 10°C to 20°C, making the weather extremely pleasing. Aritar looks heavenly in summers and thus, in this season it remains crowded with herds of tourists.

Monsoon :

If you wish to explore Aritar during the Monsoons, you might have to face lots of difficulties while travelling. Monsoons here begin in July and end in the month of September. This season features heavy rainfall, disrupting outdoor activities.

Winter :

Winters in Aritar set in the month of October and extend till the month of February. This season is harsh and chilly, with temperatures ranging between -2°C to 10°C. The temperature in this season drops close to the freezing point accompanied with heavy snowfall cutting off travel routes. Thus visitors are advised not to make a visit to this place during the winters.

Best Time to Visit Aritar

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