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Evergreen Nursery & Ram Gauri Sangrahalaya Aritar

Evergreen Nursery & Ram Gauri Sangrahalaya is a privately owned nursery which was established in the year 1970 at Rhenock, East Sikkim. This exotic nursery is renowned for its huge collection of different type of driftwood, artistic stones, old documents, rare manuscript, philately stamps and horticultural plants. The place has now turned into a tourist hotspot attracting many visitor from across the globe. The tourists can visit the exhibits that this place is known for and witness the nature’s elements in their natural form, just as the owner claims them to be beautiful in that way.

What To Do And See

Apart from witnessing different plants here in the Sangrahalaya, the town of Rhenock offers an oopportunity for performing pilgrimage. It is well known for the Char Dham or Siddheshwar Dham which is very popular tourist spot in Sikkim because of the 33m tall Shiva statue raised on the Solophok peak. Near to this, there is another acclaimed temple; Shri Viswa Vinayaka Mandir. Moving a little further towards Aritar, one can visit the Aritar Lake, Aritar Gumpa (monastery), Mankhim Temple and Lonely falls (Kali Khola).

Getting There

Hire a taxi from Gangtok which takes around 2 hours and 55 mins (80.5 km) to reach Rhenock Bazaar where Evergreen Nursery & Ram Gauri Sangrahalaya is situated.

Evergreen Nursery & Ram Gauri Sangrahalaya Aritar, Sikkim
Best Time To Visit

Evergreen Nursery & Ram Gauri Sangrahalaya is open throughout the year for tourists. But one can definitely look for the coming exhibition here to enjoy the special arrangement of the collections along with the visitors from all over the world.

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