Shree Keshavraj Temple Ratnagiri

Pristine nature, and the sacred shrines- these are two of the things Maharashtra is known for. And that is exactly what Shree Keshavraj offers. Located amidst the lush green landscapes with a perennial stream and rolling hills, Shree Keshavraj temple in village Asud of Dapoli tehsil in Ratnagiri is sacred to Lord Vishnu. An interesting feature of the temple is natural spring, which originates from the hilltop and supplies water to stone carved cow mouth (Gomukh) throughout the year.

Getting There

Shree Keshavraj Temple is 50 kilometers from the city. So as to reach here, one can take a cab or a bus from the city. Further to reach the main shrine, one need to walk a lot; it's going to be tiring but it will be worth all the effort as there will be betel nuts farms and bridges over the river.

Shree Keshavraj Temple Ratnagiri Maharashtra

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