Best Time to Visit Sevagram

The safe-keeper of all the memories of Gandhi, Sevagram is one true gem that falls under the tourism of Maharashtra and is frequented by the history buffs who would simply visit the hamlet to feel the essence of all the historical activities that once took place prior the independence of India. While Sevagram is frequented all throughout the year, winter is considered as the apt weather to visit the historical hub with the chilled breeze and cold temperatures making all of your trip to Sevagram, a heavenly experience.


Sevagram experiences the hottest summers with temperatures infuriating up to 42 degree Celsius in the day and coming down to 28 degree Celsius. It is wise enough to avoid the summers while deciding to plan your holidays in Sevagram as the sweltering heat forbids all the fun.


Monsoons are pleasant with the recorded 14.48 cm of rain drenching the village with temperatures falling to 24 degree Celsius after the downpour. Though monsoons bring a sigh of relief from all the hot and humidity of summers, it is better not to visit the place during this time of the year as the heavy rainfall might end up ruining the whole of your trip


Sevagram brims with life and glee with the onset of winters. The village is said to experience the coldest temperatures during this season with temperatures drastically falling to 23 degree Celsius during the day followed by the biting cold temperature of 13 degree during the night thus transmuting the experience in the hamlet into some magical.

Best Time to Visit Sevagram

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