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St. Mary's Church Kuravilangad Kerala

St. Mary's Church, Kuravilangad is a must-visit church of Kerala which is among the ancient Christian pilgrimage centers in the state. This church claims to have been built in the year 105 AD. It is believed that the first appearance of Mother Mary was in Kuravilangad. She appeared in front of a few children and asked them to build a church at a place where a spring sprouted, miraculously. Children reported these events to their parents and later a church was built at the particular spot. The spring exists even today. This church is among the most popular holy sites for Christians in Kerala.

Kuravilangad St. Mary's Church, also known as the Martha Mariam Church is at the Meenachil Taluk in the Kottayam district. Located almost 22 kilometers north of Kottayam town, this holy site is the ancestral abode of all the Christian communities in the state. There is a bell in the church with some undeciphered inscription. This pilgrim center is almost 18 kilometers away from the nearest Kottayam railway station. Cochin International Airport is about 48 kilometers from this holy spot. With so many ancient churches and Christian pilgrimage centers, Kerala is one of the best destinations to visit for a spiritual experience. Compare the Christian pilgrim holiday packages of Tour My India if you plan a trip to this South Indian state.

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