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Kaduthuruthy Valiyapally Kottayam Kerala

Kaduthuruthi Valiapalli is a historic church in Kerala devoted to St. Mary. Established originally in AD 400, Kaduthuruthy St. Mary is popularly known as Kaduthuruthy Muthiyamma. It is located at Kaduthuruthy in the Kottayam district. Devotees from far and wide visit the church to offer prayers to St. Mary to get relief from their problems. There is a historic granite monolithic cross in front of the church which has almost 50 feet height. This is the highest open air cross not only in the country but in the continent. It is believed that Mother Mary appeared in front devotees as an old woman and helped them when they found difficulty to upright the cross.

There is a large bell tower on the west side of this church which is an important landmark of this pilgrim center. The ancient bell at this tower is made up of Panchaloham (Five-Metal Alloy). The church has been practicing first Friday celebration for many years which is an ancient tradition of this great holy spot. Thousands of pilgrims visit the church during this time to offer prayers to Muthiyamma. The major railway station, Kottayam is almost 18 kilometers from this church. Cochin International Airport is around 62 kilometers away from this pilgrim center. Visit the website of Tour My India to get an idea about the affordable pilgrimage travel packages to Kerala.

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