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St. Mary's Church Kozhikode Kerala

St. Mary's Church is a well known church located at Nadakkavu in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. Popularly known as the English Church, this holy spot is hardly 4 kilometers away from the city. This renowned Christian pilgrimage center in the Malabar region is built by the British in 1860 in order to fulfill the spiritual needs of the English military and the Christian members of the collectorate. There is a tomb near this church which dates back to 1717. This church has a beautiful and attractive architecture. Include St. Mary’s Church at Kozhikode in your travel itinerary if you plan a pilgrim trip to the northern regions of Kerala. The church is almost 4 kilometers away from the Kozhikode railway station while Calicut International Airport is around 30 kilometers from this church. Compare the different Christian pilgrim tour packages offered by Tour My India to Kerala before you choose the best one for a spiritual journey to the state.

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