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Arthunkal Church Kerala

The Arthunkal Church, also known as the St. Andrew's Forane Church is a must-visit Christian pilgrim center in Kerala. Located at Arthunkal in the Alappuzha district, it is a beautiful church built originally in the 16th century by the Portuguese missionaries. Devotees from different regions visit the church during the annual festival of this pilgrim center known as Arthunkal Perunnal which is held in the month of January every year. Visiting the coastal town of Arthunkal and this marvelous church shall be a beautiful experience.

The Arthunkal Perunnal, a great event associated with the church is very famous among devotes from far and wide. They throng this ancient church during the event in order to participate in the feast and ceremonial procession. The statue of St. Sebastian is taken out for the procession during the Perunnal from the church to the beach and back. The final day of Arthunkal Perunnal is also very unique. Devotees crawl on their knees on this day all the way to the church from the nearby beach. Arthunkal is a panoramic coastal town located almost 43 kilometers away from the Cochin City. Alappuzha town is nearly 21 kilometers away from this pilgrim center. Explore the pilgrim holiday packages of Tour My India to Kerala and choose the best one that suitable for your needs.

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