Shivalinga at Kardo Hills Arunachal Pradesh

Happens to be one of the largest Shiva linga unearthed in recent times, Shiva Lingam in the Kardo Forest is the miraculous discovery of Mr. Prem Subha, who found this 25 ft tall and 22 ft wide Shiva lingam while cutting a tree during the holy month of Shravana. It is believed that the tree was on the verge of falling. Fortunately, nothing happened to the lingam, and the tree falls a few kilometers away. Suddenly something struck in his mind and realized that it was not a mere stone. It stood clearly visible which appealed him to believe it as Shiva Lingam. One can see the traces of this ancient Lingam in the 17th chapter of the ninth section (Nava Khand ke Satrahwa Adhyaya) edition 1893, where it mentioned that the tallest Shiva Lingam will appear at a place which will be called Lingalaya. At the spot, one can not only see the lingam but also the image of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha with trunk turning leftward. One can also find the river passing by the bottom of the lingam.

Getting There

This Shiva Lingam is located at Kardo Forest in Ziro is approximately 4 kilometers from Hapoli township. To visitShivalinga, one can find good number of taxis from Hapoli.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Shiva Lingam throughout the year.

Shivalinga at Kardo Hills
Things to Do & See in and around

After seeking blessings of Lord Shiva, tourists can take part in trekking activities that start from here.

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