Tourist Attractions in Nampong

The undiscovered, unexplored and enchanting hill town of Nampong hides in a lot for its visitors. The ‘Pangsau Pass’ standing as the gateway to Burma, makes as a must visit destination for all adventure enthusiasts and history freaks. In close proximity to the pass, is the region’s most popular tourist attraction, the ‘Lake of No Return’. Although one may not drive up to this enigmatic lake which is linked with numerous fascinating stories, its sheer vastness and calm surroundings can still be witnessed from a distance standing at the pass. In case one is in Nampong during the winter fest, must not miss an opportunity to cross the border and visit the ‘Pangsau Pass Market’.

which again counts amongst best tourism places in the town,lined with small shops selling traditional Burmese handlooms and handicrafts, simply perfect for avid shopaholics. For gastronomes too, this market is no less than a paradise and offers them a rare opportunity to treat their taste buds with delectable flavours of local Myanmar cuisine. No holidays in Nampong are complete without taking a tour to the ‘World War II Cemetery’ which lies enroute to the pass and stands as a testimony to those brave-heart soldiers, labourers and engineers who gave their lives constructing the hellish ‘Stilwell Road’.

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