Tourist Attractions in Bhismaknagar

Blessed with an enchanting natural scenery of mountains, valleys and jungles, one of the best things to do when in Bhismaknagar is to venture on a hiking or a trekking expedition discovering the town’s hidden scenic wealth. The Debang Valley where this ancient town confides, is a treasure trove of rich wildlife; rare animals like Red Gorals, Mishmi Takin and Gongshan Muntjac are commonly seen in this innately beautiful region which provide for an enthralling time to all the wildlife lovers. During the exploration of the valley, do stop by at the ‘Bhiskmak Fort’, the most popular tourist attraction of the town that sits as a true symbol of grandeur indicating towards its glorious past.

Declared as a protected monument and maintained by the Archaeological Department of India, if time permits, do take a trip to the fort’s top where entrancing vistas of green valleys and snowy mountains, instantly captivate every visitors’ heart leaving them with a sense of deep tranquillity and peace. For travellers who are up for some excursions near Bhismaknagar, can plan for short day trips to nearby sites like ‘Rukmini Nati’ and ‘Ipiphani Ghat’, which truly make as interesting sightseeing places and leave all travellers with a slight rendezvous into the past.

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