Best Time to Visit Roing

Roing is a perfect holiday destination if you wish to seek peace and hassle free vacation. And the best time to visit Roing is between October to February. However, check below for seasonal options.

Summers in Roing : April to June

The months from April to June bring the summertime heat in Roing but being a hilly destination it remains pleasant. If you enjoy summer, this season can also be considered a good time to visit Roing if you do not prefer the cold. The temperature during summers in Roing remains between 20°c - 30°c. During this season you can visit summer places to cool off like Sally Lake, Nehru Van Udyan and one of the most favourite tourist destinations Hunli.

Monsoons in Roing : July to September

Monsoons in Roing are beautiful and attract many nature lovers. You can witness freshness amidst the wondrous flora and fauna. However, the roadways may not be as comfortable as dry seasons.

Winters in Roing : October to March

Winters are an ideal time to visit Roing because the temperature remains between 8°c - 14°c; making it a perfect time to go sightsee many attractions. During this season you can go to tourist interest places like Mayudia, Mehao Lake, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhismaknagar Fort.


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