Tourist Attractions in Basar

Blessed with a bewitching scenery dotted with thick woods, striking fruit orchards and green paddy fields, Basar truly makes as a scenic paradise for all the nature lovers; those who are here to soak in the pristine beauty of the place must venture out on quiet nature strolls and uncover the wealth of nature that lies hidden in the region’s unexplored depths. For passionate hikers and trekkers travelling to Basar, the town has in its store a number of captivating destinations that are sure to leave them with an exhilarating experience; ‘Nguda Pokcho’.

A virgin forest abundant in diverse flora and fauna is a must visit hiking destination and provides for some captivating views of an entrancing scenery sprinkled with breath-taking waterfalls, sparkling rivulets and endless stretches of wild vegetation evoking serenity from every corner. In case one is up for some caving adventure during the trekking expedition must not miss taking a trip to ‘Tapen Penru’, a series of caves home to thousands of bats which can be seen hanging from the walls and ceiling during day time. Sitting in Padi Village, just 20 km. off Basar, these caves are a popular tourist attraction and surely provide for an enthralling time to all the caving enthusiasts.

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