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Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimshankar TempleAn ancient shrine with dense woods and divine sceneries is lying in the Sahyadri Mountains in the charming state of Maharashtra - Bhimashankar Temple. It is amongst the 12 jyotirlingas nestled all across the country. Its natural beauty makes it a perfect place for nature lovers, adventure buffs and pious devotees. It is the destination to get nearer to God, to invigorate your mind, soul and body in unity with Mother's Nature, resting against the surroundings of a splendid Sahyadri Wildlife Sanctuary. Constructed in the Nagara style of structural design, it is indeed a modest temple which tenders amazing views of the mountains, rivers and forts.


Derived its name from the River Bhima, Bhimashankar Temple was built during 13th century but still looks modern from the exteriors. An evil named Asura would stay with his mother on the lofty mountains of the Sahyadris by the name of Bhima long time back. Empathy and benevolence trembled in the existence of Bhima. The humans were petrified of him. However, he was dealt by a few questions about his own presence which incessantly stressed him. When he couldn't retain his anguish, Bhima requested his mother to reveal the secrets of his life. With a remaining dread, his mother unveiled to him that his father was Kumbhkaran, younger brother of Brahma Rakshas king (Ravana) of Lanka. Moreover, he told that his father was slaughtered by Lord Vishnu in his embodiment as God Rama. Then Bhima took a pledge to annihilate Lord Vishnu and indulged in meditation to please Lord Brahma to get the desired powers as boon. Bust getting them he started disrupting severe penances of Shiva's follower, which Lord Shiva couldn't bear. Thus, Lord Shiva manifested him in the setting in the appearance of the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga.

Best time to visit: August to February

The temple remains packed with thousands of devotees during the festival of Mahashivratri and Tripura Poornima.

Adventure Activities Apart from significant holy center, Bhimashankar Temple allures tons of adventure fanatics and nature lovers alike. The mountains are idyllic for various sorts of adventure activities like trekking and hiking.

Getting there

By Air: Pune is the nearest airport to make it to Bhimashankar Temple, just 95 kms away.

By Rail: The closest railway station to reach Bhimashankar is Pune, well connected to the main cities of India.

By Road: Bhimashankar Temple is easy to get to from Pune, Mumbai and many other places of Maharashtra.